Saying that Christmas is at risk because of supply chain issues makes me think that you don’t know the meaning of Christmas.

I'm getting my inspection...not one mask on any employee...yet the stupid customers 😂

Defunding The UN would be a brilliant idea. They don't do nothing to justify their existence. War as usual and Starvation once again in ETHIOPIA.

Obama should help (born in the region)... along with The Squad. Virtue signaling idiots.

@Rumblestone I am a legal immigrant. It took me 8 years and thousands of dollars to come to this country of my choice LEGALLY. I would be the first one to flip the switch and electrify the fence to stop them.

DeBlasio giving you time to "correct" your anti covid vax ways.
The reporter "forgot" to ask what DeBlasio's wife did with all that $$$$ she stole and had no answers for.

@NurseRatched Of course, because Orange man bad wouldn't take their conniving bullshit.

The Uk, Germany, France and Canada's great leaders have no comment on Joe Biden's failed Build Back Better Presidency...yet they had too much to say about Trump's MAGA presidency. 😐

Be careful before you decide to donate to Michelle Lyons, California’s version of Kim Klacik.

She is most likely another Dem plant, like Errol Webber and Joe Collins. She will siphon donor money away from swing district candidates and spend it on even more fundraisers.

Damn...Joe Biden's been Vice President for 36 years? I didn't know that. 😄

Social Engineering: Use of propaganda by a government to sway perceptions and attitudes of its own citizenry.

🎯 The Covid 19 Takeover.

Why would they?

Matt Walsh on Twitter:

"Notice that none of the trans Netflix employees protesting Dave Chapelle said a single word when Netflix released a movie with 11 year old girls twerking"

Lauren St. Germain
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE - The medical examiner’s office in Sarasota has been called to the preserve where the search for Brian Laundrie is underway (a spokesperson for the office told ABC News)

My Thanksgiving Day mantra for the entire day..."Don't look at me. I voted for Trump...pass the potatoes" .

MSM:We don't have a Crisis at the Border.

That's a figment of our imagination.

Mail in Fraudulent Ballots...Flights of Illegals moved around the country in the dead of night.
Call it what it is...Democratic Rule is really a Cartel...Crime Inc.

"You Should Have Asked Questions Your Viewers Care About" - Democrat Terry McAuliffe Abruptly Ends Interview, Berates Reporter For Asking Tough Questions (VIDEO)

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