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This. 100%. And this is why in my opinion it doesn’t matter. If we could figure out the counter attack - if there is one - then the enemy with greater resources would definitely know it’s coming.
Which again leaves us with one option. Plan, organize, prepare for the worst like never before, fight back smartly and effectively in whatever ways possible and then, only then we can hope for the best.

-Blackrock, Vanguard, Statestreet essentially hide $$ for the oldest families (DuPont, Rockefeller, Bush, Rothschild, Morgan)
-They hide their wealth and do not pay taxes via non-profit so they do not have to publish who they receive donations from

-Gates, Soros, Clinton, Klaus Schwab are lower on totem pole own Big PHarm, Media, WHO, are destroying America

-invisible investors own politicians and politicians sell themselves out

-Trump was fighting ALL of them


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I'm leaving in three hours. Call off the prosecutor or you don't get the six billion. . . . Ya know what? He called him off!

@KodiakIsland @Wizski

Just a little something for any β€œfact checkers” that might lurk here…


I keep saying it, what the medical community is doing in relation to therapeutics is at best medical malpractice and in reality murder. It’s a violation of their oath to do no harm.


I'll tell you what I told my doctors and my elderly Mother's doctors.

No matter how you slice it, the mRNA injections are a new technology and have not been subject to the years of trials other drugs have undergone.

If the Chyna Virus (I didn't actually use those exact words) is ever isolated, and developed into a conventional vaccine like the flu shot, shingles, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, pneumonia, and others. I will seriously consider taking it.

I got zero pushback.

All of the worst atrocities in human history were committed by the government.

Without the support of the state, evil can only go so far...

This realisation alone should make you permanently skeptical about giving the government unchecked power.

Patel Patriot
Forwarded from
Arizona Audit Live Feeds
(EOJ Always)
255,326 early votes show without having been returned. Magic!!!

9,041 more ballots returned than sent

3,432 more cast votes than voters on VM55 list

397 mail-in ballots returned that showed as never sent

Join live feed on Telegram: t.me/ArizonaAuditLiveFeeds?voi


"As stated before, CDC showed that 94 % of the reported deaths had multiple comorbidities, thereby reducing the CDC's numbers attributed strictly to COVID-19 to about 35,000 for all age groups. Given the number of high false positives from the high amplification cycle PCR tests, and the willingness of healthcare professionals to attribute death to COVID-19 in the absence of tests or sometimes even with negative PCR tests, this 35,000 number is probably highly inflated as well."

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A few idiotic reminders from the Left:
Nobel Peace Prize winning therapeutic.
(Horse dewormer)
Garage pull down rope.
Horse reigns.


β€œNever in my lifetime have I seen medicine so politicized, where individual treatments are banned because of who is promoting them. It’s a scary time to be a healthcare professional, and the public needs to know how bad things are getting. Your healthcare is being guided by political demands, not by what will lead to the best individual healthcare outcomes,” Dr. James said.

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Can anyone offer a theory as to why Trump, and the alleged GOP patriots are not regularly demanding the release of the Jan 6th political prisoners?

I'm seriously pissed off about this. Those people seem to have been forgotten, and they did nothing wrong.
Don't preach optics to me either.

She posted on social media and all her friends, who are now labeled as Qanon fanatics, protested at the hospital and called to get support for her. The hospital would not budge and sadly, she has passed away. This is devastating. Nothing should EVER be withheld from a patient. Right to try really should be instituted. These hospitals WILL be sued into the ground at some point but we are hearing more and more cases of withholding meds and people dying. 6.)

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[RT @BrianRoemmele]
Consider the rings.

Their position does not change.

What changes is our mind when we have been influenced by arrows.

We are always influenced.

The question is, do we see the arrows?

Where is the R press conference?
If you don't stop this lawless tyrant... you're done.

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