Buddy was a good boi.

So he got a treat.

It is a rawhide chew stick. About 5 inches long.

Buddy hides it like this until we let him out so he can chew it up in peace.



Tonight's Devolution Power Hour With "Jovan Pulitzer" Blew Up the Internet !!!

V 🌴 Chr.

- Episode 67 - 6/29/22
Patel Patriot Published June 29, 2022 1,256 Views —

📽️ rumble.com/v1ag4y3-devolution-





I would like to draw attention to one of our great FreeAtlantis citizens: @Luther

He has a quirky poetic and rhythmic posting style here that always stands out for me.

He also runs a Telegram channel that is an excellent news aggregator with good, concise commentary too. He's become one of my go-to stops on Telegram (one of the few).

If you are on Telegram, please go check his channel out and give him a follow. I predict you will be pleased with his offerings.


If I wasn't convinced before, this convinced me that @Andre & @h53pilot solution to our crisis is the correct one.

The magnitude of the variables raised by Jovan make it crystal clear that these people had to be cornered with this evidence and leveraged to stop. Slowly but surely, the lights are coming on:



The What and the Why of the relentless Doom Opera.

Folks, the tide has turned. CNN has on multiple occasions, some of which I have commented upon here on FA, admitted that the electoral outcome of the '22 midterms is going to be BAD for the Democrats. REALLY bad.

The Jan 6th Committee cannot compete with golf for airtime.

Biden's own handlers sabotage him with the toe-clip bike bungle.

While the jab atrocity remains a billowing source of casualties, the lines have hardened and...


If one looks at Trump's opus 12 page statement, we can see that he cites leftwing sources (CNN, Politico, etc.), neutral sources (court citations, etc.), and 2000 Mules.

Early in the piece there were two individual citations.

There there was a cluster of citations beginning at 00:48:06 and ending at 00:51:30.

This is utterly remarkable.


They can and they will.

Trump is not corrupted; they are, and that means they have to drag him down to their level. Having failed to find anything so far, they are desperately trying to make up something -anything!--just to tar Trump with corruption.

And, they want to draw attention away from their coup and their entrapment of citizens, and hide their election theft. The end justifies the means. So, if they keep shrieking that Trump is an insurrectionist, then it becomes true.

So my friend Justin B. Is a type of commander of a drone unit from Creech airforce base I believe he refers to it as area 52..lol. He's home now because of a family emergency. I didn't ask what. He used to work here on the door like 12 years ago..any way he was telling me , I didn't ask btw , that he has a team in Romania and here in Nevada all drone operations using satellite controls. I said oh like space x, he he said exactly that. He said business is booming home ..and abroad. & left it

Israel's PM makes his third visit to the UAE in recent months to meet with the new president.

This visit was not previously announced.


Here’s the criminal complaint against Kavanaugh’s assassin.


Look at the bio of the FBI agent, and keep this in mind:

1. USMC intelligence officer
2. Once a Marine, always a Marine
3. Not all FBI agents are bad
4. Trained in geo-fencing (2000 mules)
5. PERSONS - key word: others involved?

Who else was involved, and what might geo-fencing show?

I’m still playing catch up on everything because I’ve been so busy but if you missed JustHuman livestream last week talking about the Sussman verdict and the whistleblower that blew the whistle on the FBI having a secure data facility at Perkins Coie then you need to hear this.
The Sussman conviction for lying wasn’t necessary.
Everyone thinks Durham is going after Hillary, and he is.
But his target is Obama.
You take out the Queen before the King

LA County

Final Recall Results 2021:
70.8% No (ie Retain Newsom)

Initial Ballots Cast for Gov 2022: 67.8% D

Initial Ballots Cast for AG 2022: 62.9% D

Remember, the “No” vote was initially much higher.

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@Nobody @waronmorons

Kevin McCarthy

Dr Oz

Stuff Trump does that we do not like, understand, or agree with.

The goddamn jabs, for that matter.

Let me begin this uncomfortable thread with something of a disclaimer. Or a contextual statement. Or whatever.

I believe we are in the midst of a global war, a novel form of warfare to be sure, but a global war with every bit of the horror and brutality that the wars of the previous century possessed.

Everything that is happening has to...


I’m not ‘homophobic.’ I don’t fear gay people. I simply don’t care if they’re gay and I’m tired of hearing about how I should ‘celebrate’ gayness.

Someone’s sexual preference should not be touted as a virtue whether homosexual or heterosexual. Gays should not be harassed and tormented; nor should they be elevated to a special status. What consenting adults want to do with their bodies is their own business.


There are moments when the media's treatment of the Ukraine situation can make one believe that this is indeed a 'war' with two sides with genuine war fighting capabilities and intentions engaging with each other, one sovereign nation vs. the other.

Then reality intrudes.

I do not mean to suggest that I have a clue with regards to what is going on in Ukraine. There are so many threads, agendas, interests, etc., that I can only grasp at media reports as I try to make sense of events.


That is beautiful...💕
Thank you for sharing, a wonderful gift you are giving us all. 🙏

This made me laugh SO DANG HARD😂😂😂😂😂
Ultra MAGA baby born into a family of blue haired nose pierced woke liberals


I went to: supremecourt.gov

There, I saw a calendar.

On that calendar, tomorrow (for you on the USA side of the planet) June 6th is an "Opinion Issuance Day"

Long thread.

“Assembling some fragments – Part 3”

In Part 2, we moved back in time to January 21, 2022 when news of Trump’s draft executive order broke.

That draft executive order was dated December 16, 2020.

It immediately reminded me of THAT colourful meeting in the White House on December 18, 2020.

We spent much time looking into the details of that meeting.


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