This is such stupid thinking. Trump was effective because of who he is, not in spite of it. He came under such assault because he was effective. so this is basically an argument that we should elect less effective people because they will draw less leftist ire. The person who wrote this is a moronic surrender monkey.

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Sadly you’d be surprised by how many normie republicans think this way! My own mother-in-law said basically this the other day. I told her the press will attack any Republican regardless of what they do or don’t tweet. Might as well have one that doesn’t start wars, negotiates global peace, and makes gas affordable

@MissLane @Phil
I know lots of conventional, Fox-watching R's who think this way. They were OK going to a prizefight--until the first nose was broken and some blood was spilled.

Weak stomachs, weak constitutions. These are the kind of unserious people who would have lost us the American Revolution.

@whatabout @MissLane @Phil

These people need to be reminded ... cancel that ... have it beaten into their heads that they are NOT voting for a Prom King. They are voting for the leader of the free world.

Sorry ... not enough coffee and ignorance annoys me.

Totally agree!
This is a ridiculous assessment.

Bit surprised by this article considering that site.

@Phil A POX on the American stinker writer. Yea pun intended.

@Phil As always, this is an R (& supposedly his R friends) willing to give up the fight. PDJT ran to make us wake up & fight back. To give in now only gives D’s what they wanted all along, for R’s to cower in a corner. This attitude REALLY ticks me off. We have some of the BIGGEST pansies on our side & it’s sickening. D’s will only be emboldened to double down & treat the next R POTUS even worse than PDJT. D’s have never stopped going after R’s & they don’t look to be slowing down. WAKE UP!

@ConnieinVA There is hope for the pansies, sometimes courage is contagious. So this kind of thing needs to be countered. consider the attached.

@ConnieinVA and it was written by Jeb Bush of all people. I found that quite surprising. People naturally want to side with a winner.

@Phil It is quite surprising. He’s a dweeb 🤓so he’s trying to hang with the cool😎 kids now. LOL

@cully45 I thought of it more as balderdash, but codswallop works too.

@cully45 There are many alternative ways to say bullshit, we should certainly use the others more.

Absolutely, one of the many delights of the English language.

@cully45 you win, you have exhausted my supply of bs.

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