Robert Kennedy Jr telling of Bill Gates and Fauci plan to "vaccinate all of humanity"..


They are going to try and Do it and their are many ways they will force People like us to literally have to choose to get them or end up in camps or dead. I pray I'm wrong.


@icare4america @StephanieAnneLR if I have to go to the camps I'm going while shooting no matter how hopeless. If everyone has the same resolve such a plan can not succeed

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@Phil @icare4america @StephanieAnneLR yup, not going without a good fight. If I wind up dead, so be it. But they’re not gonna have an easy time. I will not comply!

@Phil @icare4america @StephanieAnneLR you don’t stockpile for nothing. You stockpile for such a time as this..

@Phil @icare4america @StephanieAnneLR Americans are so brainwashed they'll literally drive themselves to the camps, just pretend you are and keep driving

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