When I worked around abortion in the 70s, it was rare to see a black girl.

Blacks back then were still heavily influenced by their church.

That, of course, has changed.

So it took a few decades for Margaret Sanger's goal to be reached.

Tell me you are a sick, evil, POS without telling me you are a sick, evil, POS - "JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: Evidence of fetal pain is not proof of life"

BIONTECH FOUNDER: New COVID-19 variant could lead to more infections in vaccinated individuals - WSJ

Robert Barnes
Federal court dismantles Biden's vaccine mandate, noting Biden administration cannot show any evidence it even reduces transmission at all. Big, big ruling, with big impact for all vaccine mandate


Does Lin Wood remind anyone else of Robert Tilton? The similarities across the board are uncanny.

Not confirmed...just wanted to share...maybe someone has the time to confirm this :)


While the DEMOCRATS are diverting your attention about Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head...

A list of pedophiles became unsealed and here's what’s been happening while you all were distracted.


The deep state must have really needed to change the narrative away from Rittenhouse. The car plowing through the crowd did it. Also moved Trump's interview back to 11pm (Eastern) from 8pm.


As we consider the current situation and the coming response that will unfold in the coming months and years, let us remember the Nuremberg Trials.

It must be noted that the Nuremberg trials did not (and never were intended to) be an exhaustive prosecution of the entire number of people responsible for the appalling atrocities committed.

They did, however, prosecute & convict many of the most senior leaders and a representative slice of the rank and file responsible for the genocides.


If you combine @DuaneCates recent and excellent sub stack article regarding Afghanistan and the pending nuclear fallout associated withe the Maxwell trial...


Garlands in trouble. A whistlebower came forward...A leaked document from the whistlebower...from the FBI. The same FBI of Wrays that was going after Those Parents in Virginia!

Ha!!! I finally found a pic of me that I can share!!!

Halloween Xmas party at the office a few years ago, before the covid bullsh*t began.

This made my day. I believe the number is higher, but even the media can't hide it any more...


California Governor Gavin Newsom seems to have disappeared.

H/T @icare4america

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