@TXPatriot2021 yes and some lord malabec ones and perhaps a men CAN get pregnant one with his pic. maybe something with do not tag me again.

@LeaTXlrp @TXPatriot2021 @agitatedman That is a great salvo but certainly not mission accomplished. he should be bombarded.

@MMA @TXPatriot2021 @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @Phil @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman

Kinda weird to use that Gen Flynn pic as a banner, where he’s walking behind like a neglected dog.

Unleash the @Andre!

@nchia @MMA @TXPatriot2021 @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @Phil @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @Andre

Like remora suckerfish following alpha men around and sucking up scraps. Always the little fish in bigger ponds.

@JackO @nchia @TXPatriot2021 @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @Phil @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @Andre

I have so many inappropriate things that I want to say right now.

Plus, I'm missing the necessary equipment for him do what I want to tell him to do.


So is he. He hasn’t seen his own without using a mirror in years. Even then, it’d just be more depressing.

@JackO @TXPatriot2021 @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @Phil @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @Andre

@TXPatriot2021 @nchia @MMA @JackO @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @Phil @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @Andre @DuaneCates
I’ve been talking to a fake Duane I’m my Telegram DM’s this morning. Trolling...It’s my new hobby.


@MrKnowles @MMA @Andre @shecky2000 @nchia @TXPatriot2021 @Phil @PeachyGrits @JackO @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @DuaneCates

I just read the comments under his first post. He's going to have to change his diaper after reading them, because I'm sure he's going to crap his pants.

Remind me not to make enemies with any of FA'ers. 😂

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@MMA @Andre @Rumblestone @MrKnowles @shecky2000 @nchia @TXPatriot2021 @PeachyGrits @JackO @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @DuaneCates for sure. How could anybody mess with Ann? He deserves whatever he gets. I am quite proud of the latent trolling talents that are so abundant with FAers


To be specific, TS wouldn't let me post it as a COMMENT in @TXPatriot2021 's TRUTH...
It seemed to upload fine, but when I clicked the go button, it generated a blank box in the comment section, and regenerated as a new pending post on MY timeline

Worse, I couldn't delete or edit the blank comment

@Blackbirdearth @Andre @Rumblestone @MrKnowles @MMA @shecky2000 @Phil @PeachyGrits @JackO @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @DuaneCates

@nchia @AnotherStag @TXPatriot2021 @Andre @Rumblestone @MrKnowles @MMA @shecky2000 @Phil @PeachyGrits @JackO @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @DuaneCates Thx nchia, I just hate I have to download the Gipsy app and download the gif itself b4 I can use it. I've been trying to free up space on my phone.

@Phil @hejoural @MMA @TXPatriot2021 @Andre @MrKnowles @shecky2000 @nchia @PeachyGrits @JackO @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @DuaneCates @icare4america

OK, I'm going for a beer so you don't have to drink alone. Not that there's anything wrong with drinking alone, and not that I need an excuse to drink a beer, it's just that ... well, beer.


The real question is, What are you wearing when you drink it?

@Phil @JackO

Man, you really sipping on the Haterade today!!

Need more ice? Cause it seems to me that you need to chill

@Phil @JackO

You are snarky. I'm going to rat you out to your wife. She hasn't been making you do enough work around the house and now you're grouchy.

@MMA @JackO when she tries to get me to do more, I tell to hire it done.


I thought I would try drinking it in the nude for a new experience. All window blinds are closed. I checked.😆


You not doing it right

You have to drink dangerously.

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