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Yeah these waters can be choppy ahead. Be not afraid. I agree that the founding fathers meant to protect our right to bear arms.

I think SLAG was saying gun control laws were setup to negatively impact specifically African Americans. Typically we hear that the entire justice system is racist which I think is a vast oversimplification of the problem.

With firearms what I have been led to believe is that regulations that limit what you can own/carry were largely created after the Black Panthers started to exercise 2A rights openly during protests.
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Really great stuff, love, thank you for such a stimulating convo today

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We gotta talk about CNN.

This was posted a few hours ago on CNN's website.

Look at the bloody headline!!!!

"Accuser testifies Jeffrey Epstein brought her to meet Donald Trump when she was 14; no wrongdoing alleged"

The deranged left has been posting the few photos available that feature Trump and Epstein in the same frame every chance they get.

The obvious implication they wish to make is that Trump is somehow tainted by Epstein's filth.

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yet cali has some of the worst gang crime and is registering some of the worst mass crime right now

>weapons of war

so why do they give the cops this stuff? because the government are at war with the people, and their agents, the cops, apparently can carry weapons of war

although i'm not sure i'd go into actual war with many of those arms, but of course pussy bois like gavin will say anything is a weapon of war

but again, its cali, they can't have a reasonable thought

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@mrmcmayhem out in that crazy state, mean words are considered a weapon of war - provided they're being used toward a liberal, of course.

Know your rights. 🤷‍♂️ @SLAG

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Apologies, I jumped the 'gun'. I'll pay closer attention to the END text.

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Indeed, the Elite will always have the best protection.

Well, as long as they can find somebody to offer it.

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It is truly a shame that these cases keep ending up in front of SCOTUS and I've read they are tired of it as well. 0 really did a number on the court system that will take decades to fix!

And now, yet again there’s one more example.

Make no mistake, Justice Thomas and (probably) Justice Alito consider this judicial malpractice - it’s their belief that lower courts are INTENTIONALLY ignoring Heller v DC.

I would not be surprised if moves are made to correct this bad behavior.

This is a question of which court has the FINAL interpretation of law - per the constitution, that’s SCOTUS without question.

It’s time they made that authority impossible to ignore.


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Only this time, there’s something that’s different.

There’s a case before the Supreme Court that could involve the question of how courts should treat the 2A.

And these legal shenanigans have not escaped the attention of Justice Thomas. He’s said as such in fiery dissenting opinions issued when the court elected NOT to grant cert to a 2A case - specifically where these type of legal abuse of the citizenry is front and center.

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Public safety has become a magical incantation in modern legal jargon.

All a state lawyer has to do is chant “Hummana -Hummana - public safety” in court…and the judge rules in favor of the state.

This crap has been going on for YEARS.

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Why do I bring this up?

Doom porn?

No, not at all - this is quite encouraging.

Out here in California (and in other states with these wretched gun control “laws”) we are familiar with the practice of courts doing verbal contortions to allow states to stomp all over liberty in the name of “public safety”.

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These political hacks masquerading as justices claimed that there was “no verifiable evidence” that 10+ rounds in a magazine would have made a difference in a violent encounter. Never mind the fact that examples were cited in the opinion from the Circuit Court judge - the panel conveniently ignored these.

In other words - “prove a negative, you peasants.”

Meanwhile the “crown” will keep those rights to own and use 10+ capacity magazines.

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Surprise surprise.

A 7:4 liberal panel on the 9th Circuit Court upheld a liberal law that stomps on liberty.

My message to liberals?

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Biden has a 'tell'.

A 'tell' is a behaviour that reveals something that the person performing the tell is trying to keep hidden.

In poker, a tell can mean that a person is bluffing, trying to hide the fact thatchy are holding a strong hand, etc.

In this instance, we can see that when Biden does not want to reveal the truth, he tells a blatant lie.

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