CCW considerations when caught in a riot.

Hello once more, all.

This is part 4 to our series on CCW topics.

I decided to do a 4th thread on CCW, this time concentrating on protests that turn into riots.

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First, let’s ask a question;

How do we stay out of trouble?

Answer: we avoid the “stupids”

* Stay away from stupid places

* Don’t go out with stupid people

* Avoid dangerous places at stupid times (ie when bad people are out)

* Don’t go out and do stupid things*

A riot/protest contains the first three (the 4th is an action) - it’s a bad place to be, period. That being said, what if we can’t avoid it? What if we find ourselves in the middle of a protest by accident? We need to get out of there any way we can. Furthermore we need to avoid being prosecuted for defending ourselves.

Getting out:

De-escalate, de-escalate, de-escalate.

Is there anything you’re wearing that would identify you as a conservative/MAGA? If so, ditch it - NOW. All of these protests have people (ANTIFA) looking for MAGA, you will get attacked if they identify you.

Let’s identify three situations where you might find yourself (I’ll assume you didn’t attend this protest as a participant - Check your laws, where I live it’s illegal);

1. You’re on foot and happen to find yourself in the midst of a protest

2. You’re in your vehicle and the protest is blocking the road

3. You’re in your home or business and the protest is on your street

We will take each one of these situations individually, but first let’s say this. Most of the people at a protest are well meaning and are expressing their first amendment rights under the constitution. Only a very small percentage is there for evil reasons. However, that small percentage is very well organized and are to be respected - for the damage they can do.

Building a successful self-defense case depends on the riot events happening to us - we cannot go looking for them.

This truth, where we are an innocent bystander to a protest turned into a riot is the legal terra firma that we will place our Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy tripod.

Issue 1: We are on foot when the riot kicks loose.

Stay close to the edges of the crowd - it’s there you’ll find your escape. Usually there are people still protesting when the protest turns violent. Can you act like one of these people? Raise your fist and yell? Escape is the best option. We DON’T want to fire if we don’t have to.

Look for any avenue of escape;

* Alleys

* Line of parked cars

* Edges of the protest

* Subways

* Holes in a fence

* Intersections

* Landscaping

* Hide in a dark corner and let the rioters pass

What do we do if we cannot escape or we are identified by ANTIFA?

They’re dressed as ANTIFA (blacbloc) and that group is KNOWN for assault and murder (important - research why knowing that PRIOR to a deadly force encounter is relevant). There will likely be more than one - this is your ability.

This is tricky. You cannot shoot them just because they’re ANTIFA. Also, shoving isn’t jeopardy. Getting spit on or urine flung at you isn’t jeopardy. Getting struck with an open hand isn’t jeopardy either (depends on state law, but I wouldn’t shoot someone over this alone - you’ll never have a good enough explanation, unless you are frail and this strike might kill or maim you). Remember, Jeopardy = immediate, otherwise unavoidable danger.

What would constitute jeopardy?

* Getting knocked down and one of them tries to kick you

* One of them draws a gun on you

* One of them violently rushes you

* They try to strike you in the head with a club (even a water bottle)

* One of them tries to take your weapon

* One of them sprays you with pepper spray (if it’s your belief the spray is to incapacitate you so you can be assaulted)

Let’s look at some photos. AOJ means ability, opportunity, jeopardy. The circle above each person means:

* Red: Not Justified

* Yellow: Possible

* Green: Justified

Photo 1: Kenosha WI, Kyle Rittenhouse shooting

* KR is on ground - Ability
* Multiple attackers - Ability
* Both are close - Opportunity
* One is kicking KR - Jeopardy = green
* One is holding a skateboard (club) - almost jeopardy - that’s why it’s yellow

Photo 2: Kenosha WI, Kyle Rittenhouse shooting, one second later

* KR is on ground - Ability
* Multiple attackers - Ability
* One is close - Opportunity
* One is hitting KR with skateboard (club) - Jeopardy = green
* The other has tripped - AOJ tripod collapsed, that’s why it’s red

These two photos illustrate how rapidly the AOJ tripod forms and collapses. The window of a justified shooting can be extremely short.

Photo 3: Portland OR, Good Samaritan kicked in head by 14 year old ANTIFA member.
* Victim on ground - Ability
* ANTIFA member close - Opportunity
* Kicking victim in head - Jeopardy = green
* 2nd ANTIFA member = Red. Not justified

This illustrates more of what a CCW carrier would see if they came across this - not the person getting kicked (incapacitated at this point). I included this as part of the AOJ exercise.

Let us discuss the topic of coming to the aid of a stranger. Start thinking now about what your comfort level with this is going to be - it will be different for everyone. Factor the following into your thinking;

* Your state’s laws on use of force when you come to the aid of another

* What are the politics of the city where you find yourself in this riot? You will be judged by 12 of these people - some will take a very dim view of you shooting a “protester” no matter what the reason

* The 3rd picture shows a teenager savagely kicking a unconscious man in the head. AOJ is there and the use of lethal force is justified - but you’re STILL shooting what society would call a “kid”. Many ANTIFA members are young, it’s one thing to use lethal force to protect yourself…would you use the same force to protect a stranger? Go through this mental exercise now.

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@SLAG Thank you so much for this series. You help more people than you can imagine with your advice.

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