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If Trump, Putin & Xi are working together to take down the DS Apparatus along with the Central Bankers, then IMO China did not interfere in the 2020 election.
However I do believe there was foreign interference and Space Force caught it all.
The culprits?
None other than the party of Davos!

Remember Trump stating that everything can be reversed.
If we have to wait until 2025 then everything can’t be reversed.
Think of SC Justice Jackson.
She’ll remain on the SC.
If I’m right and Biden is removed, then she’s gone cause she’s illegitimate.
BTW, you can’t impeach an illegitimate President.

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Unpopular opinion:
If I’m wrong with Trump coming back by the midterms and we have to wait until 2025, then the DS Cabal wins!
Biden got his illegitimate four years and to be honest, who gives a shit what happens to him after that.
They got away with the crime and the diamonds were never returned.

We all knew HRC made up the whole Russian collusion story.
Funny thing is, I still see so many individuals that believe nothing will be done to her.
William Barr appointed John Durham as Special Counsel for this very reason.
HRC will eventually be indicted and prosecuted by Durham.
BTW, I believe John Durham is protected by the Military.

Lloyd Austin & Antony Blinken are making a useless trip to Ukraine.
Why is it useless?
Chris Miller already took care of the important business over there recently.

We’ve all seen the many individuals that Trump has endorsed for the 22’ Midterms.
Now take note the individuals that Mike Pompeo is now endorsing.

The hostile takeover was predicted once Elon didn’t want to be on the board.
Elon gets his wish!
Makes TWTR private while changes are being made.
Once it goes public again the shares will open up double what they closed at.

So much continued bitching and moaning regarding Trump’s moves and endorsements.
It’s almost like these individuals are smarter than Trump and He should be listening to them.
News Flash!!!!
You’re not smarter than Trump and you never will be.
He is always 10 steps ahead and has reasoning for every one of his moves are beyond comprehension.
Trump knows what he’s doing.

Appears today (Sunday) is kinda a free day for Lent.
After being away from the start of Lent till now, I’ve seen more and more evidence that Trump will return by the midterms.
Yes it’s strictly my opinion, but you cannot deny the evidence.
The laptop from hell, Trump’s lawsuit, Durham, Election fraud and with the denial of the laptop during the debates, Election interference.
Joe Biden will either be 25th or he’ll be forced to resign.
Will Kamala step in as POTUS?
Not a chance in hell..

After seeing what the GP first jumped on in January to what happened today in Wisconsin, I do believe we will be in a Constitutional crisis before the midterms.
IMO Wisconsin will decertify first.
Remember it only takes one state to put America in a Constitutional crisis.

Russia is not looking to capture Ukraine.
This is a strategic operation to rid Ukraine of corruption.
If Russia really wanted to capture Ukraine, they could make Ukraine a parking a lot in an instant.

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