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Do you want to forever WRECK the Democrat’s ability to turn their state into a communist shithole?

Get a law firm to bring the issue of non-representation to the Supreme Court in a federal lawsuit that seeks to overturn Reynolds v. Sims.

Overturning this case would strike at the HEART of what makes a blue state blue.

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My husband just shared this amazing song with me: "Sad Little Man" -- about .

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Total faceplant at Kroger tonight

A guy had been kind of showing up in the same aisles as me. It occurs to me that he's working up nerve to speak to me so I leave quickly.

Find my mom in her motorized shopping cart and get her through the checkout.

Get her in the car, load the groceries. I hop in the cart to drive it back.

It dies on me halfway across the walkway. An SUV is waiting.
I am dragging the dead cart back when I see that it's The Guy.

And he's CUTE.

And- LAUGHING at me. ☹

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@MMA @StephanieAnneLR @pendleton

I can’t imagine… I can’t take it for even 5 minutes… I immediately start feeling ill. I got Covid at work while masked… washing and sanitizing my hands every 10 minutes… keeping my distance. I believe it was the mask that wore my immunity down. What a destructive illusion over such simple elementary science. It’s emblematic of the failure of the whole system. My frustration with the utter naivity, gullibility and stupidity of the masses is off the charts! 🤪

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@StephanieAnneLR @pendleton @MMA

I do feel for everybody who has to keep wearing the idiotic masks that don't work at protecting anyone from anything except breathing correctly. Their employers are really compromising their employees health. Nothing is healthy about inhaling your own carbon dioxide for hours.

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Forbes thinks the mandate will be thrown out by SCOTUS.

I don't think we can count on the SCOTUS. They're unpredictable and not coming down on the conservative side, either.

Hold the line and don't buy a blessed thing this week from any company that mandates vaxxing.

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I always felt the real goal of the plandemic was to eradicate the middle class.

It's so much more than that, but that part of it cannot be minimized.

This is a plan to consolidate power to few, and morph the rest of us into peasants.

This is why I've always resisted public transportation. My car is live and work and move where I choose.

The middle class holds the line against serfdom, so:

The elites are trying to kill us off physically AND financially.

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@MMA Why do you think they want us driving electric cars? They can hold us hostage by rationing electricity. Look at CA now, with rolling blackouts! At the climate summit, they had dozens of EV’s to shuttle the people around but only one EV changer. So they brought in dozens of diesel generators to charge the EV’s. I hate these people.

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@MMA Yep. Why do you think they did that Clunker deal during the Obama years? To get all the old cars that run like warriors in a Mad Max movie off the road. Newer cars actually have higher carrying costs because of the chips and computers in them. It breaks and you pay through the nose and also your brother in law can't fix it for you on the cheap. @DrFell @MadBeachBimbo

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@DrFell @MadBeachBimbo @MMA

At this point nothing in the world would surprise me.

I read an excellent article during my undergrad that discusses the real cost of bus transportation. It's not cost- facing at all; is just subsidized so the costs are hidden.

The REAL agenda is to eliminate private vehicles. This lessens employment and relocation opportunites for individuals and cements government control over them.

Your car is, literally, your freedom. That's why cars are under fire too.

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@h53pilot After I make sure they are unvaxxed and a slave of Jesus I am dealing with 4 to 5 percent of the female population. I will consider it a miracle if I find a wife.

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Washington Post's fake "conservative" Jennifer Rubin and Xiden's Chief of Staff Ron Klain both helped to bring down the unconstitutional vaxx mandate.

Rubin said (tweeted) the quiet part out loud: Xiden ordering OSHA to enforce his EO to mandate vaxxes, was a deliberate work-around the legislative branch, who creates laws.

Klain, by retweeting the extraordinary Rubin tweet as the White House Chief of Staff, gave the White House's tacit approval to that statement.

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People are being mobbed and excoriated for telling the truth.

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The left has hated Steve Bannon since he help fund the original Breitbart site when Andrew, God rest his soul, when he was alive back then.

This goes back that far.

Bannon is prepared for battle.

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@Another @MMA

I posted this the last few days ago too, I'm glad that you did again. Let's keep it going!!

FREE PEOPLE, don't just boost this, take 5 minutes and make those comments to OSHA NOW!

There is a link to the comment page in the article but in case you just want to get straight to it without reading the article, here's it directly:

Pass the link on!! Boost the article!! Make the comments to OSHA!

Each one, Reach one. We must, and can, do this.

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@pamby1 @cully45 @MMA @Horatio @KodiakIsland @shecky2000 @oystergirl @as2 @ajthethird @fuzzi @Salsamanfit

Thanks Pam 🥰 We are in crazy times when information, disinformation & all kinds of crazy stuff in between is being thrown at us from all angles.

It's hard to parse through it.

I just really want Prez Trump back. It was tough going through his first 4 years, but at least we had a trusted leader doing his best to steer the ship.

Lately, it feels like our great ship is unmoored & aimless.

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Good on you Mike. They are beyond power hungry insanity.

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Thanks. Im good with it. Some of my friends at work really laid into the boss, so ive been told via text. Im actually lmao about that

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