Just got an email from our kid's high school reminding us about the vaccine clinics being held at the school. The superintendent included the name and email address of a doctor at the end of the message in case we have questions. Weeeeell, that right there was a rookie mistake.

Funny you should mention that. I actually called the FBI in DC today. The guy was so irritated with me he just wanted me off the phone. I was scolding him like a mother would. I guarantee nobody will be knocking.😂

@nchia @SomeLadyinVA

We're all on multiple lists, VPN or not.

I'm pretty sure the annual highlights of my search history are part of the comedy relief portion of the Big Brother Holiday Gala.

@nchia @SomeLadyinVA

"...and then he apparently wanted to find out if rhesus monkeys prefer bourbon or scotch"

@nchia @SomeLadyinVA

"Who IS this guy? And how did he ever end up this way?"

@nchia @SomeLadyinVA

"Wilson, get someone on this right away. Have someone create a PowerPoint showing that different species of simians prefer different brands of whiskies. Make it really in-depth to the point where each species has a very brand-specific preference. This will keep him busy for weeks. Oh, and Wilson...better add another agent to the team. Next year's event is gonna be a hoot."

I'm sure this will be promptly answered to your satisfacthahaha

I laughed at your comment "Weeeell that was a rookie mistake".
Bravo 👏, keep up the good work!!


These are the public school administrative pricks who won't let your child bring an aspirin to class for fear of an issue? I would tell the public school administrative prick that parents plan to sue him or her personally for any harm done to any minor he or she is soliciting & promoting take the "experimental" jab with no data to support its safety for the next 60+ years.

@SomeLadyinVA "I have my eye on you school! Here, take my kid and keep indoctrinating them to hate everything I stand for."

@SomeLadyinVA of course. No one knows and most refuse to provide an actual answer. Like taking the vaccine is taking a chance and anything goes specially 20 years down the road.

@SomeLadyinVA 👏👏👏 good for you!! On a side note I read the last sentence in ‘The Church Lady’ voice fronSNL. 😉

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