A special shout out to our brothers and sisters here on Free Atlantis who have served our great country! I love you and am so grateful for your service on our behalf.❤🇺🇸

to put in perspective CNN has 500-900K viewers daily and Joe Rogan has 18 million a day.

...in our minds, monuments, and education for generations and generations.

The guilty are not merely those implementing the Great Reset global slavery strategies.

The guilty include those among us who today support them, every bit as much as the German people bore responsibility for the atrocities of WW2.

Keep records of the suffering you see. It will all be important very soon.



We caught them all.


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Saying good morning to everyone. I should really get on here more often....

This morning, YouTube gave me a warning for a video I posted last year. It was Sam's speech from The Lord of the Rings dubbed over footage from last year's "Summer of Love" rioting, Trump rallies and rallies against human trafficking. Shame on YouTube!

Thank you all for answering my post! I read what Andre put up about guidelines, also. I really appreciate it. Thank you!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to find out a couple of things. Can anyone help me out? Are there things we can/cannot talk about on this platform? Q? Trump? Aliens? Conspiracy truths/theories? Please advise!

Oh thank God, a platform! Thank you to whomever created this!!!!! Credit goes to my daughter, Lady Blazes, for telling me about it!

Hello family! New here. Just getting things set up!

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