Executive order = Royal Decree, basically.

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Long Thread.

“Assembling some fragments – Part 2”

In Part 1 we considered Gregg Phillips statements to Patel Patriot, looked at information available about Gregg, speculated on how Gregg may have obtained the ‘irrefutable evidence’ with ‘100% certainty’ and also speculated on what he meant by the words ‘how do we actually do this?’.


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Interesting, never seen that before. Obviously passing silly notes at a funeral is poor manners so they must have had SOME significance. Doubtful they're invitations to the funeral after-party.

Reading faces, maybe:
Pence -> "Congratulations first lady 2024"
Hillary -> "Regretfully a little prison time"
Bush -> "No longer authorized to do business"

Why at a funeral? Why on camera? -> Maybe sender of the note wanted easy access to video of it being read?

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Fox news is literally supporting every candidate running against the Trump endorsements.

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Good morning Patriots 🇺🇸

Big day in Georgia! Here are the Trump endorsed candidates:

David Perdue for Governor
Burt Jones for Lt. Governor
Jody Hice for Sec of State
John Gordon for Attorney General
Herschel Walker for Senate
MTG for House
Vernon Jones for House
Barry Loudermilk for House
Buddy Carter for House
Rick Allen for House

Get the RINOs off the ballot for the General Election! Tomorrow is the Republican primary in Georgia.

Here are the MAGA candidates endorsed by Trump:

Herschel Walker for Senate
David Perdue for Governor
Burt Jones for Lt. Gov
Jody Hice for Sec of State
John Gordon for Atty Gen
Patrick Witt for Comm of Insurance

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I don’t hate Stacy Abrams because she is a fat tub o’ lard.

I hate her because she is an unprincipled agent of chaos.

Finally got on Truth Social.

Now what.

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The things that come up in my YouTube feed! I couldn't help thinking of Mad Max Fury Road, watching this!!
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And I will leave it now, for all the existentialists fans out there.


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