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Something is rotten in Denmark with this outage. Still looking into it, but this was some sort of Test. They Took down most of the Crypto Digital currency sites as well as TRUTH social and other companies...

I personally think this was a TEST to shut major swaths of the internet off when they wish.

I've been warning of this being a possibility.

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I posted this many months ago.
But it's worth posting again..

My attitude towards the shit bags which are trying to destroy us. Those f00kers will NEVER beat me into submission.

"I get knocked down, but I get up again...!"
Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

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Two things I know with complete certainty:

1. The deep state will go down.

2. They will not do so without unleashing pain and suffering that will only serve to forever mark them as what they are.

Brace up.

Good never defeats evil without evil truly exposing itself.
Evil is ugly.

Be glad you are alive to bear witness.

You will help make the difference.

You may not yet realize it.

Your contribution may seem small and insignificant.

It is not yours to judge.

The time is coming.

God wins.

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Strong speculation coming out that the J6 Scam committee will not be issuing any criminal complaint or referral on President Trump

Geez I wonder why?

Afraid of how Trump will react and what he will do??

TV ratings crashed for the Sham?

American public does not give a shit??

Hoping Trump keeps quite on what he knows?

Figuring out Americans are pissed?

Yeah he's coming and there is not a Fucking thing you can do to stop him!!!

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Swallowswell has a tweet up right now that's a clip of Ben Shapiro.

Swallowswell says: "Should this guy be allowed to own a gun??"

This nut would be the type who would report Shapiro with red flag laws.

Happy Monday FA Family.

Has anyone heard from Barbara @MadBeachBimbo lately? I miss seeing her sunrise pictures. Hoping everything is OK and she's just taking some time off.

@pamby1 @Bleukitty @Normie_Sue @CONSERVATARIAN @mimimayes @CDuBois @cully45 @oystergirl @SomeLadyinVA

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For the Americans here on FA, GOA has a handy form where you can look up and contact multiple legislators at once:

I contacted them this morning to say that any support for gun control will drive me and mine to support their political opponents, primary them, knock on doors, stuff envelopes, and work to erase whatever political legacy they may have.

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Long form presentations are how I roll.

I like to present something (news article, a dig, substack, thread, etc.), give some thoughts and analysis, get some feedback from the chat, wrap it up and move on to the next presentation.

I tend to cover 2-4 topics on any given 2-3hr show.

Not everyone has time for that, though.

So, I have created a clips channel on Rumble. 😎

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David Vance

I see “Dr” Jill Biden was in the war zone that is Kiev yesterday. As was Bono. Previously Angelina Jolie had jetted in as had Sean Penn. If ever you needed evidence this is a vast psyops that’s it looking right at you

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This is Doug Mastriano's plan for Pennsylvania, when he becomes Governor!

Doug Mastriano on Twitter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Doug Mastriano releases comprehensive plan for first 100 days as Governor

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Well, that's weird! The American "Conservative" media *generously* covered the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa...but they're *ignoring* The People's here in America. Patriots assume it's dead because they never hear about it. Actually, it's growing and kicking a$$!!!

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I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all

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Trump endorses Palin and makes sure to specifically use the word evil first when noting her time with McCain.

No word wasted.

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The devil thought he had won when he saw me on my knees.

Until I said "amen".

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