When citizens assemble to peacefully air their grievances and question Government policies they are β€˜participating in Democracy.’
When a Government labels those people terrorists and says they are a threat to Democracy, they are authoritarian and they are participating in tyranny twitter.com/RobSchneider/statu

Hey, FJB!

Check out the Trump rally tonight.

Ya see THAT turnout?

That's what a rally for the real POTUS looks like. Not 6 anti-American commies in a broom closet like your rallies.

Has anyone seen a performance of Shen Yun?

Watch "Shen Yun: Preserving Culture And Tradition | The Beau Show" on YouTube

Don Rickles and Clint Eastwood on the set of Kelly's Heroes, 1970.

Just because it's a great picture

"This isn't a situation where we can afford to dunk on our fellow Americans for getting duped; we NEED those people on board to fight the cabal. We need them on board to win elections moving forward. Trump can't be the one to rip the band-aid off for them. The pill has to be easy to swallow. This isn't a time for I told you so's, it's a time for moral support and solidarity for people who have been mentally abused and manipulated by a deliberate mass formation psyop." t.me/ArchiveAnon/774

I cant believe this is Paul Manafort on Hannity. He looks good, considering what the left did to him. And that bitch Hillary has the unmitigated gall to even SPEAK of running for president, after everything she did to him, Stone, Flynn, Trump.

What Twitter lacked that Joe Rogan found on Gettr
Jan. 10, 2022, 7:18 PM PST
By Carrie Sheffield
The rise of alternative social media spaces resolves bias concerns felt by conservatives, like myself, who see double standards running amok by established tech giants like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook trying to disproportionately ostracize our voices.

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