So, saw this yesterday in our local gas station lobby.

A Bitcoin vending machine.


I asked the guy running the register what it was all about/how does it work, and he said he had no idea, he sticks with real money.

Biden hasn't a problem with Ukraine giving out machine guns to its regular citizens to protect their Independence.
Biden has a problem with his American Citizens maintaining their arms...Considering that his Administration was an actual Hostile's a matter of survival...a necessity to maintain THEIR Independence from the people.

If so, then it truly is on us to hold the line, and play our part in draining the swamp.

Overwhelm them. Force them to deal with a wave of patriots so big, they don’t have a strategy to counteract.


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Let’s just hope we’re smart enough to not let it influence us now.

If we can hold the line til the midterms, and truly just “peacefully protest” without resorting to the violence the Dems are trying to goad us into, they will be toast come November.

But we need to show them the Red Wave is coming.

I hear and read “the military is the only way”.

Perhaps what it comes to is that “We The People” are really “the military”, the “militia” that the Second Amendment talks about.

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The only thing I can figure is this is just a part of some bigger strategy by the Dems.

Are they trying to get “food riots” by the populace started, or something of the sort?

They seem to be wanting riots again this summer, just like they tried in 2020.

It didn’t work then, because “the summer of love” didn’t directly impact many people.

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Just makes no sense.

For some of us, this will just be an inconvenience. We either don’t drive a lot, or can afford it ( for now at least). It will be an annoyance, but won’t change our lifestyle.

But for many, this will be a game changer. When you can’t afford to drive to work, all of a sudden things change drastically.

And watch food and other deliverable goods skyrocket in price as a byproduct. When people can afford to eat, that’s when things get real.

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How do the Dems think this will work for them?

This is going to kill tourism this summer locally, which the northern half of the Mitten depends on.

People are not going anywhere they don’t have to when it will cost them $20-$30 just to get in their car.

And how is buying a $60K (or higher) “electric vehicle” going to help?

Most people cannot afford one.

And if they could, what’s going to happen when 100K or more people all try to plug in at one to “ refuel” them every night?

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They don’t seem to be trying to lift a finger to stop the skyrocketing price rise. None of them seem to care it’s taking place. In fact many seem to welcome it.

Our President is blaming it on “The Russians”. How? No answer or explanation.

Listened to our Sr. Senator (Stabenow) on a morning radio show yesterday, and she blamed it on “Oil Companies Price Gouging”. Again, how? All across the country? And more important, why?

No oil refinery has caught on fire. No pipeline has burst.

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Gasoline prices in the Mitten State just breached the $5/gal mark.

In fact in the SE Lower Mitten, the price at a local station actually jumped from $4.99 to $5.19/gallon in a little over 2 hours yesterday.

I figured it’d take til the July 4th weekend for prices to go over $5, but it looks like the DS are in panic mode, and are accelerating things.

And a $0.20/gal jump in 2 hours? What gives with that?

I just can’t figure how the Dems think this is a winning strategy for them for Nov.


The 2nd amendment is under attack because people are starting to recognize the warning signs for why it exists in the first place.

So Sussman is found not guilty?

Now watch the MSM - who didn't cover a lick of this trial, not one minute, will be all over this as the lead story tonight.

Hypocrites, all.

And this plays right into Durham's hand. Lull them into a sense of false security when he goes after the bigger fish.

Jury finds author of “how to murder your husband” guilty of murdering her husband

She just forgot to write the sequel:

“And Get Away With It”

Phase III will begin when the confiscations are attempted - this will mark the start of the second American Civil War.

This is what the DS is hoping, and planning for.

But they underestimate their enemy. It will not end well for them.

It is inevitable, so prepare for it.

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There will eventually be “stricter gun laws” implemented by our woke congress. It is inevitable. The mass shootings will continue until the outcry is too great for them not to act. This will be Phase I.

When the shootings continue, in spite of the new “gun control laws”, there will be cries that the legislation that was passed was “not enough!”, and more strict measures are needed - new legislation will be enacted, banning and confiscating all citizens private firearms - this will be Phase II

Thinking in print:

About the Electoral College - a fairer (and more logical) way to apportion the electoral college votes of each state is that instead of “winner take all”, the votes should be awarded by congressional district: you win that district, you get that EC vote.

That would counter some, if not all of the cheating and fraud that’s been going on in recent elections;

But it’ll never happen….

.…because it would counter the cheating and fraud that’s been going on in recent elections

On another note:

Colorado is getting hit with a massive snow storm as we speak - up to 12” of snow predicted in the Denver suburbs, almost 2 feet predicted in the I-70 corridor up into ski country.

Mind you, it’s May 20th!

I wonder how many of the ski resorts are wishing they’d pushed it for one more weekend?

Here’s a pic from earlier this afternoon just west of the Eisenhower tunnel- crazy times!

ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter:

Elon now confirming what we've been suspecting.
He knew how many bots were on Titter.
He knew what would happen with his actions.
He's trapped them in a corner and using chess moves akin to our very own Donald Trump.
It's as if he's purposely destroying the deep states social media facade right before Durham unleashes hell upon the deep state.
I love this movie.

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