I expect before the MAGA pot boils over, 1) Trump will calm folks down with messages of reassurance and calls for peace, and 2) DOJ will indict not Trump, but folks responsible for the J6 coup against him. Likely, RINOs and Dems. That's who they are investigating right now, not Trump.

@biernutz_71 @Bakerfiend

investigations happening behind the scenes so the enemy can’t say it’s Trump’s guy going after his political enemies.

Wray and the FBI are on our side and have been for awhile now.
The highest FBI that the enemy controlled was McCabe.
He set up the frame job not Comey.
Comey reopened the Hillary email investigations weeks before the election torpedoing her campaign.
Don’t fall for optics and what’s being said by both sides in a media war.
Instead follow what they DO.

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to bet they were FISA’s on the enemy trying to frame Trump and are still ongoing, gathering evidence and monitoring all communications?

The FBI was cleansed at the top.
Who had to sign off on all those firings?
Wray is a specialist in white collar crime and money laundering.
He is head of the FBI for a reason and the feud between him, the FBI and Trump is all for optics to distance Trump from all the criminal

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@JoeLange August

You allow them to commit the crimes and pretend to go along.
Comey said in sworn testimony Trump was never under investigation by the FBI.
That should have tipped people off.
Mueller was a Special Counsel that prosecuted crooks around Trump, one a plant by the enemy (Manafort), but didn’t prosecute Flynn, or Page who was the basis of the FISA warrants.
Remember what Q said..
FISA goes both ways.
Comey and Rosenstein signed a couple of the FISA’s.
What do you want

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@JoeLange August 9, 2022

The FBI does know he’s an asset but not everyone in the FBI knew it.
At some point people are going to have to wake up to some hidden facts but facts none the less.
The Trump family have been FBI assets for generations.
They have helped take down politicians and the mob in NY and NJ.
Who participated? Giuliani who is an expert in conspiracy RICO cases.
Who else was involved?

Wait for it….

Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein.

How do you trap a very dangerous animal?

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@JoeLange He's on spitballers too
August 9, 2022

The ten days of darkness is not what people think it is.
The enemy will not be able to shut anything down unless military intelligence knows about it and lets them.
It’s not gonna happen.
It will be the opposite.
The media is going to be forced to report on all of this and undue the generations of brainwashing.
All while Trump is off the stage.
Law and order and the end to the two tier justice system being the focus.

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The direct involvement of US intel agencies and LEO agencies in what Epstein - and other sex traffickers/blackmailers - was doing will not remain hidden.

And you can quote me on that.

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Brian Cates~
Yes, one reason certain accounts keep screaming "MOSSAD MOSSAD MOSSAD" at all of us at the top of their lungs every time Epstein's name is mentioned is to try to distract from the key role US intelligence agencies played in the Epstein child trafficking/blackmail schemes they were running.

They didn't fool me and they shouldn't fool you, either.

The global cabal doesn't just run THE MOSSAD.

They run the CIA also and many US intel agencies.

It’s been less than an hour and we already see Dan Bongino monologuing on Fox News, saying we live in a third world country.

The bad optics for Biden have already begun. Trump’s base and normies everywhere are about to be beyond pissed off.

Tensions rising with Russia and China, now we will be on the brink of civil unrest. We are getting closer and closer to the edge of the abyss. The precipice.


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Just Human-
Q: When did Trump have the time to write that big statement of his about the raid?

A: After he coordinated with the FBI and his own Secret Service for the raid to happen at a certain time.

Trump is ALWAYS the bait in the trap. This time is no different.

We know from previous news reports that Trump is cooperating with the DOJ's investigation into J6.

Trump has evidence on criminals that are under investigation, and he just gave it over.

Neon Revolt did yeoman's work screencapping a thread on the Fed.

93 screen shots, just over 33 Mb total...

@Andre suggested I substack it, so I did


And of course, Neon FINALLY provided a link to the original thread: archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/

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