In order to both help perpetuate tradition (the $24 story), while still propagating something resembling truth, here is a little context:

records also exist of Minuit negotiating for similar ownership rights on Staten Island in trade for “duffle cloth, iron kettles and axe heads, hoes, drilling awls, Jew’s Harps and other divers items…” —

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Yesterday, May 24th:

1626: Director-General of the New Netherlands division of the Dutch West Indian Company, Peter Minuit, purchases Manhattan Island from the local indigenous tribe for items valued at 60 Guilders, often mis-represented as $24 of wampum.

@THEDodgerPrincess he's been wrong about so many things over the past couple years, and he's surrounded by people who are contributing to the destruction of our country.

And people still go around dreaming of political pipe dreams like "devolution". He's devolved from the leader of the America First movement back into a professional celebrity attention addict.

@THEDodgerPrincess @nchia

90% does want it...just not the version you are peddling, sugar!

@THEDodgerPrincess @Andre @nchia

Common sense apparently isn’t so common. Only cops should have guns but let’s defund them?

@THEDodgerPrincess @Andre @nchia

90%?!?! How could we have missed this? Quick everyone, go ban your gun.

Guess I'm the E- literate answer guy 😆. . The Bloomingdale girls are all getting sick..1 here , 2 there ..almost all are vaxed and sister got the jab, no booster..she's got a college education too...but zero common sense ,most certainly up until recently sleep walking through life.. now instead of treating me like a nutter and conspiracy theorist .I'm sought out for directions and help.. yep this guy is needed's official cats and dogs are getting along and the end is nigh.

@THEDodgerPrincess our (if you can even use that word) system is broken beyond repair. Not that there's anything wrong with the way it's constructed, but the bastards in power have strayed so far away from that foundation that it will be impossible to ever get things set straight.

And the establishment criminals, celebrities, grifters and idiots the Republicans are taking this opportunity to roll into position sure aren't going to do it.

That includes Trump too.

@THEDodgerPrincess DP this is very well put. Especially the bronzing stuff. I think step one was to stop ceding power to the creeps. I think all the covid has helped this and that this has already happened. Now we wrest some back by refusing to accept the bs.
PA passing a constitutional ammendment restricting the governors power is huge.

At first pass, people will look at this and think of the "others"...but what happens when you question your accepted narrative?

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No...what we need is a populace who pulls back from Washington and diminishes her power and reach. Who reject the ruling of appointed officials - who have zero Legal Constitutional legitimacy.

THAT is what you're seeing now...people waking up to the insanity. Come on in, the water's fine.

Make politics boring again.

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I have little faith in the "red wave" coming if the red wave is full of establishment Republicans. Democrats have a history of creating shit...and Republicans end up bronze dipping it and placing it on granny's mantle for all to admire.


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Most of American voters are entangled in a highly abusive relationship with their party...and true conservatives and true liberals are looking at each other and attempting to pump the breaks.

Bill Mahr isn't all of a sudden Republican. Neither is Elon Musk. Tulsi Gabbard has remained exactly the same. As has Rand Paul.


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There is no "right" and "left" in American politics anymore.

Rather, the difference is between statism and liberty.

Either you're bending the knee to worship at the throne of the ruling elite, handing over all autonomy...or you aren't.

The quicker people realize that THAT is the fight...the quicker we can get this all sorted out.


Chris Robinson, lead singer of the Black Crowes, is a big marijuana fan and legalization advocate. In one interview he was talking about weed and said "it grows in the ground man. It's natural man. It's good for you."

P.S. Chris the deathcap mushroom ALSO grows in the ground from nature and IS NOT good for you!

Not a bad idea at all...unfortunately.

Ben Geudens 🌗

Keep children safe from child diddling adults and school shooters.

Ban public education. It is time

(A bit of etymology: you probably recognize the Latin root word "fenestra" (from which the French derived their fenetre); the "de-" part refers to removal from something; add the "-stration" to make it a verb, and you've got a delightful English word that talks about throwing something out a window, usually in disgust.

….which leads to the old aphorism that an etymologist is someone who knows the difference between an entomologist and an etymologist.)

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Yesterday, May 23rd:

1618: The Second Defenestration of Prague- that’s an “official” title- precipitates conditions that trigger the Thirty Years’ War.

@Momma_Voke @THEDodgerPrincess

It better be a serious judge. A lazy judge will not do. There is so much meat in there it’s got landmark potential.

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