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I am going to end this for the night with a song that I loved when it first came out.

Joe, in his prelude to the link, made it seem like a new song.

And I hope those of you who have never heard it, enjoy it as much as us old farts do.

The Marvelettes

"Don't Mess With Bill"

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The past 12 years have allowed me many opportunities to travel the backroads of Texas.

Known as FM (Farm to Market), RR (Ranch Road), RM (Ranch to Market) roads, they run through urban and rural areas throughout the state.

By using these roads, you can get a better feel for what Texas is really like and why it has the reputation it does.

As time allows I will use this thread and the hashtag when I have the time to share or update.


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I went into the brain of Kamala Harris for this.
You are welcome btw.
It was a cavernous echoing place.
Really rather scary.

Kamala on gun control:
The people who own guns are gun owners and gun owners posses guns.
These guns can kill people if the gun owners who own guns decide to kill people with the guns they own.

If we pass laws against these gun owners, then the gun owners will have to obey these laws.
If they do not, they are criminals.

We must deal with criminals.
They are gun owners.

What is the most frightening aspect?

90% of us are sane.

5% are mad.

The other 5% are in the media or paid off.
(which amounts to one in the same)

No way! TX-34 (Harlingen, San Benito and Brownsville) is now in Toss-Up territory according to Cook! That means 4 out of the 5 border districts could end up red!

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I find it odd that so many of us KNOW those in the Clinton orbit have met with strange and inexplicable deaths yet there seems to be no pursuit.


I’ve been consumed in a deep dive of the rationality of the left.

So far, I’ve found nothing.

I’ll get back to you should things change,

The two best things to me.

The guilty being found and made to face justice.

The righteous thriving without hindrance.

After watching Wyoming candidate Harriet Hageman speaking to the Trump rally today, I was very, very, very impressed.
So much so that I posted this to Liz Cheney's facebook page.....

"I had the great honor of listening to candidate Hageman's litany of the things she is fed up with today.
What a wonderful congresswoman she'll be.
She has more patriotism in her pinkie finger than you have in your entire, sad being, Ms. Cheney.
You should actually withdraw and support her!"

I neither accept or embrace the mental illness of the left.

I was never political until I needed to be.

President Trump.
We have truth on our side.
The app and the reality. watch a speech from our President.
Donald J. Trump.
I compare it to the mindless ramblings of Joke Biden.
That is what was taken from us.
That is what was stolen.
That is what pisses us all off.
That is what is unforgivable.
That is what drives me.
That is what drives you.
We will not forget.
We will not relent.
We will take it as far as it needs to go.

Seth Keshel
Gregg Phillips just told Patel that he has irrefutable evidence, that he's been involved in a major counter intelligence operation, and that once we get to where this is ready to go its going to make everybody forget the Mules and cause people to question everything people think they know about elections.
Someone refill my popcorn bin.

Inquiring minds would like to know- Have you been Blocked by the Head Pig on TRUTH Social?


And this is the salary of the communications director for the Uvalde School District - the one who gave the "all clear" message -- the message that went out moments before another teacher (?) propped open the door used by the gunman.


Patel Patriot is interviewing Gregg Phillips today @3pm. How cool is that!! Kash Patel on X22 yesterday!! Citizen Journalists are taking over the narrative with TRUTH!😁

I bet he could slap Will Smith into the pacific ocean🀣

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