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Covid 19 Source book..
Someone has compiled a 64 page book of links of covid 19 news stories in the news across the world.



-PCR testing

-Alternative treatments, immunity

-Mask studies

-COVID general


-Vaccine injury headlines list

-Various conspiratorial & historical information

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Absolute Risk Reduction(ARR) ie is the risk of something

Relative Risk Reduction(RRR) ie, the probability of something happening in one group compared to another.

The FDA recommends using the more accurate ARR for approval in vaccine trials.

Yet they are allowing the vaccine makers to use RRR for the approval process of the killshots instead of the more accurate ARR.


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💥💥Breaking News 💥💥

Now it's getting exciting: Hot off the press❗.
"The World Health Organization's European Advisory Group on Immunization, former vice president Professor Christian Perronne, said yesterday that all vaccinated people must be quarantined through the winter months or risk severe illness.

What a sick human being🤢 🤮

This so called "mother" cares nothing for her child. 🤬 Calling her child a drama queen because he is complaining of a headache after the 2nd jab.🤦‍♀️

Pray for this little boy that he survives in spite of his mother's hard hearted stupidity.🙏

COVID HOLY GRAIL DISCOVERED… Antibody 35B5 neutralizes all Variants…

We are supposed to believe the ccp that released a bioweapon on the world, now have all of a sudden discovered a cure to neutralize all the variants of the bioweapon they released on the world. 🤦‍♀️ 🙄 🤡

Megalomaniac quack frankenfauci proves he is a bureaucratic dunce.🤡

Anthony Fauci: Testing Border Crossers for Coronavirus ‘Different Issue’ than Testing International Travelers

He argues there was less of a capability for the government to enforce testing protocols for people crossing the border(illegally).😡

I have an idea finish the wall & enforce the laws already on the books against people crossing the border illegally.🤬

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Terrifies Pro-Abortion Left With ONE Opening Question

” Does a mother have a right to ingest drugs and harm a pre-viable baby? Can the state bring child neglect charges against the mother? “ he asked.

@mimimayes @Phil @CONSERVATARIAN

At least Kagan will occasionally rule in favor of the rule of law. Not the “wise Latina”. Nope. She’s 100% ideologue.

The Left argues that the 2nd Amendment shouldn't apply to modern weapons but also argues that abortion law shouldn't take modern science into account.

Jack Posobiec

@CONSERVATARIAN That radical lesbian “wise Latina” can kiss my ass on her way to where the sun doesn’t shine and it is hotter than blazes for all eternity.

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