Oops! Joe Biden says the quiet part out loud

“We need more money. We don’t just need more money for vaccines for children, we need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s gonna be another pandemic,” said Biden.


That is the ONLY good part about him, he slips often and says what he shouldn't! 😁

@Bleukitty @Tashakitkat

Haha! So true. It’s no wonder his puppet masters try to keep him in the dark. If they let him know what they’re planning he always spills the beans!

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Even though he tips us off early, there is no one to stop the insane plans from moving forward. It makes his "Spilling of the Beans" 10x's more painful to know what is about to happen , without a military or LE to stop it.

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It would be a lot different if every time he exposed a plan, that some action was taken to thwart it, resulting in the puppet masters simply giving up trying.

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This is where i'm at presently. I feel we know a lot of what is going on. But No Calvary.... I'm extremely frustrated by this... to the point that when people say things , it's just yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah more of the same

@Bleukitty @SweetIceTea @Kindly_ol_doc @Tashakitkat
We've gathered so much information, we have everything. How much do we actually need before we do something. Speaking for myself here, the more info we receive without action just piles on me like a millstone.. I almost don't want to know, but I know this would be stupid. I've drawn assessments and abandoned them to go with an easier, more tolerable view of things. It hasn't alleviated any reality of the intentions of what this evil has shown.

I know! I have to shut out info at some point and let someone else take on the burden of that knowledge because I can't lift it all. This is why I love FA. You get me and you share the burden that would otherwise be intolerable.
@Bleukitty @SweetIceTea @Kindly_ol_doc @Tashakitkat

I guess some days are worse then others. the steady stream of the most horrendous, insane information comes in flowing. If you sit and wait for a moment expecting a rebuttal or an action against it, a lot of times just more flows in and compounds it. I'm about to flip my lid, for the 100thx. A prisoner on an island, an Ant far away from it's mound.. It's indescribable , yet not alone. Its many Ants away from many mounds
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I take breaks, I refuse to be sucked into all the negativity. There are good things happening in our favor, how often are those posted? Mine rarely even get a like, so I don't 'bother to post many anymore.

@SomeLadyinVA @SweetIceTea @Kindly_ol_doc @Tashakitkat

@Bleukitty ❤️ Many of us really like your posts! I’m still learning my way around and wonder how I miss so many posts and replies. You’re not ignored, that’s for sure. @SomeLadyinVA @DrFell @SweetIceTea @Kindly_ol_doc @Tashakitkat

@SweetIceTea @3SEAS @Bleukitty @SomeLadyinVA @DrFell @Kindly_ol_doc @Tashakitkat

OK, so everything isn't coming up roses yet. There are people fighting back. Good people. Each in their own way.

There have also been lots of lawsuits filed against Biden, and we've won a good share.

More people are becoming aware that the democratic party policies don't work, and more now than ever before see the evil, even if they don't recognize it by name.

Keep the faith. The burden is shared. God wins.


This is exactly why I started including the hash howtheleftlostme in the regrets posts. I found it by happy accident...

@SweetIceTea @3SEAS @SomeLadyinVA @DrFell @Kindly_ol_doc @Tashakitkat


You were my first contact when I came over to FA. (At least according to my memory, for what that is worth. 😀 )

I'm always grateful for your kindness to me and so many other people.

@3SEAS @SomeLadyinVA @DrFell @Kindly_ol_doc @Tashakitkat


😁 Why? Because I said something nice about BleuKitty?

But let me be clear... I have not hit my head recently.

@Bleukitty @3SEAS @SomeLadyinVA @DrFell @Kindly_ol_doc @Tashakitkat

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@SweetIceTea Agree. Kitty was one of the first. I'd be still wondering around the internet lost if it wasn't for her.

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@Bleukitty @Kindly_ol_doc @SomeLadyinVA @DrFell @SweetIceTea @Tashakitkat ok. But keep posting your stuff. I like seeing it even though I don't for a moment claim to be anything but a curmudgeon.


Counting, or pretending to count, must make your grumpy.
By the way, it's almost 5 o'clock. Isn't about time to get off of work?
It's the end of Wednesday. Whoo hoo - now only Thursday and Friday are left. Then it's Saturday!

@Bleukitty @Kindly_ol_doc @SomeLadyinVA @DrFell @Tashakitkat

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That performance is so much better than the one that played on the radio when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing.

@Bleukitty Sanity breaks are definitely needed.

I read every one of your posts I see! I was told I repost too much. I cannot help it. There's so much good stuff here and it doesn't take long and the posts get rolled on down the TL and people miss it. So please keep posting! You're such a valuable contributor for the FAmily! 🤗❤🙂 I love your posts!

@DrFell @SomeLadyinVA @SweetIceTea @Kindly_ol_doc @Tashakitkat

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