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JAKE11 RC-135W wrapping up a few laps around Kaliningrad

Romania/Black Sea

HOMER11 RC-135V homebound after tracking the eastern border.

Army’s Artemis ISR CL60 along the eastern border.

PERSEO71 Italian G550 AEW

FORTE10 RQ-4B over the Black Sea

AE11 Marine FA-18C CAP Patrol

ROOK24 KC-135 Cap mission

BART22 KC-135 CAP mission


Army’s Artemis ISR CL60
TD95 Navy EP-3E
ANKIN32 French Beech 350 ISR

R2807, R2819 & R2828 Army

AE11XX Marine FA-18C
ROOK21 KC-135
HOBO24 KC-135

Romania/Black Sea

Army’s Artemis ISR CL60

CG04 EP-3E Navy

FORTE11 RQ-4B Global Hawk

ANKIN32 French Beech 350 ISR

Navy P-8A orbiting over the Baltic Sea off the coast of Kaliningrad.

RRR7245 RC135-C Changing up and moving inland over Romania from the Black Sea.

ZEUS31 E-8C coming out of the Yellow Sea heading towards Okinawa.

The main thing I’ve noticed recently is the lack of Tankers over the border area from Belarus to Romania. It would appear the Combat Air Patrols are a thing of the past. Interesting.

JAKE11 RC-135W is circling Kaliningrad.

Army Artemis ISR CL60 tracking along Kaliningrad’s southern border and Polands eastern border.

RC=135V Rivet Joint tracking over the South China Sea.

ALBUS56 RC-135S Cobra Ball also over the South China Sea.

P-8A AE6808 orbiting to the east of Taiwan.

A second P-8A off Kadena heading to the same area. AE67A5

A KC-135 off Kadena, heading towards the South China Sea

GUNFIGHTER160, VF101 Grim Reapers, performs the last F-14 Tomcat Demo at NAS Oceana September 2005. The end of an era.

I was there as my brother lived in Virginia Beach.

ARIEL59 RC-135S Cobra Ball returning to Kadena after a sortie to the Taiwan area.

Probably was in the area when China launched those missiles.

Romania/Black Sea

FORTE11 RQ-4B Global Hawk
NATO11 E-3B Sentry
MI29 Navy EP-3E

Near Taiwan

RONIN02 E-3C Sentry
KC-135 Tanker

@icare4america @Andre

The Greatest Play In Baseball - Rick Monday Saves U.S. Flag

On April 25, 1976 at Dodger Stadium, Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs, grabbed and secured the American flag from two individuals as they were attempting to burn our flag in the middle of the playing field.

Slow day over Europe etc. what with
Pelosi gadflying about Asia.

Earlier UAVGH000 NATO RQ-4D heading out from Sigonella.

RRR7298 RC-135W over Romania heading for the Black Sea.

TI32 EP-3E over Romania’s coastal area.

A Group of 4 F-15’s out and about near the Irish Sea

SPAR19 and Pelosi leave Taiwan heading to South Korea. And she is alive. I guess.

She’ll now be made a hero for going eyeball to eyeball with the Chinese. Such balls she has!


SPAR20 is off Kuala Lumpur heading the same way that SPAR19
(Pelosi) did earlier then turned N to Taiwan. Could be in a backup role after initially responding to a possible issue with Pelosi’s plane.

@Teeeye81 I know it's wrong and plays right into their hands, but I still would love to see that plane blip out.

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