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The RC-135W Rivet Joint from earlier just popped up again heading back from his trek to South China Sea. Pretty good track considering you donโ€™t get to see them in that area too often.

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An interesting thing I noticed about this RC-135W. Heโ€™s at an altitude at a five hundred foot level and squawking 1400. All aircraft being controlled by air traffic control (when not climbing or descending) are at a thousand foot level. Also his squawk, 1400, is a VFR code. Visual flight rules. I think they are providing their own separation from other a/c using their ADSB with whatever else that have. TCAS for instance. Traffic Collision Avoidance System.

Just a guess๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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Earlier over Iraq.
Italian KC-767
Italian C-27 Spartan
E-11 BACN. Track over Syria
Unknown, making circular track.

Navy P-8 heading for the South China Sea. To his left and above, is a KC-135 Tanker.

Ahead of them and heading towards the Philippines, is a D-326 Wolfhound. A USAF Special Ops a/c.

All departed Kadena AB, Okinawa.

The last active F-14 Tomcat squadron returns to NAS Oceana after their last deployment. 2006.

VF-31, the Tomcatters.

Navy P-8 over the Atlantic. Appears to be working in the Warning area off the coast from NAS Oceana.

Also a G-4 working there. Interesting as he departed BWI. No info on him.

Here are pictures of North Koreas SLBM launch. This was on the 18th of October. This would be part of the reason there are quit a few ISR types over S. Korea consistently.

All it would take is one of those to go flittering about like a bottle rocket.
Mee so sawree๐Ÿ˜ณ

An EP-3E tracking both ends of the Strait of Hormuz

ZEUS31, RC-135W Rivet Joint wrapping up a tour of the Black Sea.

A couple from earlier that I found interesting
PYTHN53, RC-135W Rivet Joint appears to be coming from the Arabian Sea. He originated from Bahrain.

And a RC-135S, Combat Sent, off the coast of Kamchatka. He left Lincoln Ne earlier in the day with a stop at Eielson AFB in Alaska.

Iโ€™ve not seen those type a/c in those areas.

WEPS89, E-6B Mercury, just past Houston for a trek over the Gulf of Mexico. Not an unusual sortie for the E-6โ€™s out of Tinker AFB

Homeland Security out and about.
Looking for more โ€˜guestsโ€™.

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