I loved Trump's idea of sending the Executive Agency HQs to different states. The federal government did not. Boy did that go over like a lead balloon!

When Sonny Perdue moved ONE branch of the USDA to Kansas City, the employees put up an all-hands on deck resistance, including turning their backs on him at a meeting he called to discuss the transition. This would never be tolerated in the private sector.

They showed exactly WHY the move was necessary!

@MMA I learned a very long time ago to simply post what I want to post on any social media and then NEVER go back and read the comments or interact. IF you don't interact (you can block if you do read but do not engage) they have no power over you or your time and energy. I ran social media as a job for a number of years and learned early on that you are never going to get anywhere with online trolls. @Andre @ArnGrimR

> Investment advisor telling elderly man that his retirement is gone because he put it all in ESG.


And the United States will be less willing to provide them weapons if Ukraine can’t show any progress.

Zelensky is asking for more weapons, more training, more money, and looking to launch a counter attack, but the writing is on the wall and the US advisors aren’t buying it.

Ukraine lost before it began. They never stood a chance. Anyone who actually believed they did, was a victim of propaganda.

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that explained our singular wealth, power, and leisure. 

This generation in its arrogance tested fate. It felt itself smarter and morally superior to its betters of the past. It lost that wager and now we the public are paying for its foolishness. To destroy America as we have always known it, there was far less necessary to ruin than our elite believed.


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Please add to prayer list:
Girl I work with at part-time job is 18. Her mom has been battling cancer for a year, and now in the hospital with kidney failure. The poor kid is a wreck. Mom appears to be on her way out, and Dad is so bad she's looking for a place to live pending her mom not making it.
She's such a great kid. My heart is broken for her.

Clarence Thomas has spent the last twenty summers driving to nearly forty states in his RV often meeting people who don’t have a clue he’s a judge.

He spends his vacations taking in the natural beauty of the country and meeting its people.

Truly a national treasure.



America Is More Fragile Than the Left Understands

Like a stunned adolescent whose reckless incompetence totaled the family car, the Left seems shocked that America proved so fragile after all.
America’s bounty was predicated on each generation following the prompt of the prior, modulating when change was necessary, but not daring to tamper with the foundational principles and values


How to restore Roe

Liberals are upset because states they do not live in now can abort abortion.

Liberals are threatening revolution. They are threatening justices. They are calling for ending the Supreme Court. They are crying like banshee babies in city after city.

And of course, they are calling Clarence Thomas the N-word.

They act as if this is the end of the world and all they can do is yell and shout and burn cities down.


Becker News

The Senate Sergeant at Arms in charge of security on January 6 is *DEAD.*

@NurseRatched @MMA

I found this graphic on Twitter. American democrats are a bunch of ghouls and there’s no nice way to say it.

I don’t want to hear bip from other countries opinions about the SC decision. Look at that map.😢

BOOM- Supreme Court Just ruled in Favor of Religious Freedom - Huge Decision 6-3 The Coach Won... he fought for almost 5 years.

@MMA @Momma_Voke @NurseRatched

"Post-birth abortion."

Words matter.Without hysteria and in a tone fee of emotion, WE have to use the right word in this discussion. That word is infanticide and/or murder.

This is not my first rodeo when dealing with crazies (cue the animal rights people), & I can't stress this enough: When you get emotional in dealing with the opposition, they win. They've gotten a rise out of you. Act like you don't care but assault them with facts.

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