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OK, my novel Magenta (An unsuspecting and unlikely person is chosen to decide the world's fate as two tech trillionaires battle each other for total control of the human race in this Orwellian thriller ripped from today's headlines...) is now available at Smashwords. You can set the price, from nothing to whatever! (Remember, I have to eat, but if you can’t afford to pay anything, so be it!) You can read 20% of the book for free to see if you like it. Here is the link!

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You don't want to know what one of the smartest people you know thinks about what is going on? OK. Well here's my novel about what the fuck is going on.

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My new novel, about tech tyranny, is available now at Amazon. The big publishers wouldn't touch it. My comments no longer appear at YouTube; Facebook does not allow me to type in posts (I have to cut and paste them into my page); and I left Twitter after being shadowbanned. So please help spread the word!

Dr. Fauci FUNDED the Chinese lab that created this fucking thing! OK?!?!?

"Let's go Brandon!" is not only Americans mocking Joe Biden but is a brilliant roast of the gaslighting American media, as well. Both have become an open joke to the American public.

Hypocrisy in 6 words: "The unvaccinated are dividing the country."

During WWII, the Nazis counterfeited over 3 billion pounds in English currency to drop over England.

Guinness Book of World Records Worst bargain ever made: If I let you inject me with something, can I have my freedom back?

Some say the housing bubble in China is $62 trillion. In the movie "Office Space" three schmuck workers try to embezzle a fraction of a penny from all of their employer's banking transactions. When they blow it and steal much more, they are saved when the business burns down. Just saying...

We can never start bargaining to get our freedom back.

Mainstream news companies and big social media companies don't have long to leave the sinking ship. It may already be too late.

Face of the Day – Tiger beetle (this is, by far, one of the scariest creatures on Earth. It ranks with the mantis shrimp and Bobbit worm on my list. It’s speed as it chases prey would be 300mph proportionally for a human. You cannot believe your own eyes when you see it running across the ground):

You can get my new novel about tech censorship free or for whatever you would like to pay this author, here at Smashwords (PLEASE SHARE!):

When they make it dangerous to be logical about Covid -- and Saul did this, which is HORRIBLE -- they are destroying the human race's new technological advance of the ages for medicine: reporting, through the Internet. This really is blatant sabotage of that advantage to orchestrate censorship across centralized platforms. We are all left to wonder why.... And every one is.

IF anyone reads it after getting it for free at Smashwords... and that's if, then a review at Amazon or Smashwords would be great. This is not a novel the established media was published. MAGENTA.

You can get my new novel about America on the brink of tech tyranny, where speech is color-coded and punished or rewarded, for FREE or for any price you can spare to keep an author writing here at Smashwords (PLEASE SHARE!):

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