Folks, I wrote a novel about the tyranny descending on the world and the courage it takes to overcome. My career is probably canceled now and I may never publish with a major publisher again. No publisher would touch this book, so I published it myself. It's priced as low as I am able to price it, but it was worth it. Politics is downstream from culture - that means novels, movies, music, art. I've done my part. Please just retoot this if you can.

@WarrenFahyAuthor I see you have a few works on Smashwords. Any plans to add more (including Magenta)?

@vandys Do I? I wasn't aware! Where do you see that? Not familiar with it, actually!

@WarrenFahyAuthor Is this you?

I don't do business with Amazon any more due to issues with their (lack of) ethics, but very much desire to support indie authors.

Thanks for taking a look!


@vandys I just enrolled the book and it should appear there in a few hours. Thanks for the tip! I set the price at whatever the reader wants to pay - including nothing. I'll let everyone know when it's available. -Warren

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