Most of the people who have played a part in the plan of the globalist elite have had no idea what the grand scheme looks like. From workers in Silicon Valley censoring vital information to employees of Big Pharma companies hiding side effects, from teachers/professors to Hollywood producers, from sell-out politicians to corrupt reporters, from law enforcement to ballot mules, they are now all seeing what they have been participating in: the enslavement of the entire human race.


They're all complicit & will face God one day & be found lacking! I don't believe they had no idea what they were doing. We knew what they were doing; how could they not? "I was following orders," "I didn't know what I was doing" didn't work for the Nazis & it won't work for these malevolent accomplices either. They sold their souls to Satan & continue to follow Satan & that includes Liberal politicians who continue to push their poison jabs.


@HunDriverWidow Well, for example: I don't think that a Marxist teacher at a high school or university was aware that his students would become employees at social media companies censoring people in order to enrich and empower multi-billionaires bent on culling half the human race. They were "useful idiots." Many of these useful idiots are now seeing that they were participating in their own enslavement for mega-rich villains who hate them. That revelation is happening now for many of them.

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How many of the useful idiots do we think are turning on their masters & exposing them as in becoming "whistleblowers?"


Interesting point and likely the case. Sadly though, useful idiots are still idiots even when they’re no longer useful. This is likely true even if they independently realize they been used. But one can hope they’ll see the light.


@Fletchlives @WarrenFahyAuthor

I was reminded of this video clip when it was mentioned that there are those who are finding out they participated in the current destruction of our country without realizing it. Useful idiots indeed.

Many in Germany were clueless as well.

German civilians from Weimar village are forced to take a tour of Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Germany.

@HunDriverWidow @WarrenFahyAuthor

The past decade, especially, we’ve all been brow beaten into accepting behaviors, policies, stolen language, and people whose only goal is to eliminate Christian morals from all aspects of western culture. And here we are.


@HunDriverWidow @WarrenFahyAuthor

These useful idiots have nearly destroyed us. I believe it’ll be corrected. But I actually have a fear that when the pendulum swings back, will it stop at a reasonable place or common ground? What will happen to all these outliers who’ve been protected and allowed to hijack us when they’re no longer useful and/or protected? Will it go too far the other way?


@Fletchlives @HunDriverWidow That will be an ongoing project. I'm afraid the business of keeping our republic never stops. That was the mistake the rest of us made: taking too much for granted. Hopefully, that will be the enduring lesson.

@Fletchlives @HunDriverWidow I do know one thing, though. We will have a lot more historical ammunition this time to help make the point.

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