THREAD - I'll note some of my (possible) decodes of this 4th Psy-Op Group video. It's loaded with messaging and is at least partially a psy-op in itself. (1)

The video is rich with China comms. It starts with Sun Tzu. A woman's body is shown floating in the water at 2:06. Recently, a female protest leader in Hong Kong was found dead floating in the harbor. The word, "DECEIVE" appears over her. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is being informed they were duped. She was extracted, is not dead, and must have delivered something they feared.

The Chinese people confronting the CCP in street stand-offs (among many others from around the world that are shown) is a recurrent theme. The famous scene in Tienanmen Square is shown, but at a very precise moment (at 3:15). It is the moment that the PLA (The People's Liberation Army) refuses to attack the Chinese citizen and jerks the tank away. The tip of the spear is the PLA. The CCP is being warned. (3)

The message that the ghosts have infiltrated the clowns is quite obvious. Clowns are a reference to that central intelligence thing. A clown is revealed to be a ghost. A man puts on clown make-up as words say "we take many forms." That one's obvious. So the CCP and the CIA are both being trolled. Very interesting. (4)


Will they both take the blame as the people of both countries rise up? (5)

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