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Do not be a Sunshine Patriot. Be a Winter Soldier. Not for love and thanks, but because it is our obligation as part of being free.

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Really long thread:

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Unrestricted Warfare (UW), a couple of Chinese PLA Colonels wrote a book on it in 1999. I was first exposed to UW at an Army professional development course in mid 00's. The War on Terror was in full swing at the time, and we didn't get into it much, other than “think about this”. We were a lot more focused on very traditional stuff, like combined arms attack, gap crossings, as well as TTP's from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some solid analysis on new tactics used in Ukraine, and the impacts on war going forward.

@Andre Some of this ties in with your thread about the gear being sent over.

Reflections after watching 2000 Mules: nothing presented was new to me. But, I'm not the target audience.

The information was presented very well, and in a fairly neutral tone. No screaming or loud voices, just laying out the evidence.

True the Vote people did a great job explaining what they did, how they did it, and what that information means.

As an interesting aside, asked my liberal neighbor if she'd heard of it - nothing, not even negative reports. Information silos.

Voter fraud in Minneapolis? Of course, this was for 2020 primary, so the November election was for sure the most secure ever.

That this is part of a larger federal investigation has my gears turning

I enjoy going to estate sales. A favorite purchase is decorative candles. I grew up with them, and they were not allowed to be lit.

So now, as I use a $5 instapot while listening to a $2 Miles Davis LP, I like to burn a candle that's been waiting years to serve its purpose.

A 3D printed building is pretty cool, and it's been years since I was at Ft Bliss, but they needed some new barracks.

OTOH, construction trades tend to be pretty based. Is this a way to eliminate much of it?

The Federal government gets $2.14 excise tax per 750 ml bottle of 80 proof spirits.

The distillery writes the check, but the consumer pays it. And, the wholesaler pays state excise. Retailers pay sales tax.

Think of that next time you're in a liquor store. How much government revenue is in there?
Don't forget the smokes, if they have them. Federal excise tax on cigarettes is just over $1 a pack. Cigars are taxed at 52.75 % of the manufacturer’s sales price.

I feel like I've been living this meme for years. Being asked for a source, when I'm basing my statements off observed data.

How much of that is personal laziness, and how much has been conditioned to only let experts think critically?

New article ready on my substack, (hat tip to @Lumuz for recovering several of my threads on SQV).

This is the first in a series of articles, covering 'the war for our minds'.

Starting in Ukraine, it has repercussions for us here in the US, as well.

I think it will be important to put all the elements i will bring up together, to help understand the nature of the war waged against us.

(Which, in turn, will make it easier to understand the countermoves by Trump et al)

I occasionally check this guys blog, mainly for a different take on things.

His point in this post is that there are no job postings for private military contractors.

Not just shooters, but fuel drivers, cooks, depot level maintainance, etc.



If KSA invades Yemen, will all the virtue signalers have their flag in a profile?

I bet no.


There's the Competence Gap too. Us X-ers sometimes have skills whereas the ones that followed us...kinda lack in that department.

Generally speaking, there are some that are highly impressive but on the whole, there is a dearth of competence amongst the younger generations.

...and yes, Boomers are clinging on to what they have lest they be compelled to learn new, more relevant skills.

It is almost comical but here we are.

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