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Salty Texan
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β€œF Joe Biden” is now the universal recognition that things are seriously wrong in our country. You may say it for any occasion. You’re walking your dog. As someone passes by walking theirs you say it. He repeats the same to you. You’ve had a moment. You both know it’s true.

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I'm finding current events so disgusting, demoralizing, dishonest, and demeaning, that's it is hard to find words, but I try. Maybe if I just go outside and scream "FUCK BIDEN" at the top of my lungs, I'll feel better.......
at least for a few minutes.

We need immediate relief from the ineptitude in control. I find myself gaming situations where foreign influence shakes the U.S. awake, but who?

Is it going to take some massive terrorist strike to fix the malaise?

Probably, but hope not.

@Wizski Good morning. I hope she takes them all down with her.

Good Morning fellow Ultra MAGA Deplorable White Nationalists everywhere and down deep you know who you are don't you,,!

May today be the day the harpies from hell reclaim their Mother Hillary!

I just want to say "Happy Friday" to the Government goons who are tasked to monitor patriots and other Trump supporters.
So, you ever ask if you're monitoring the Good Guys, who is monitoring the Bad guys?
Do you?
Ever ask?
Do you sleep better now, or before you betrayed the US?
Just curious, you can PM, I won't DOX you.

We The Media

Archbishop of San Francisco Salvatore Cordileone has barred Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the Holy Communion after she voted to codify Roe. V Wade.

Cordileone said in a statement on Friday that she will not be admitted to Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and cannot present herself to receive the Eucharist, until she backs away from her support for abortion.


@watson Doesn't sound like James Bond movie to me! This shit is real! It is a movie alright, called,

Joek Bidum Effs America & Her People Over Royal To Enrichen Himself, His Family & All His Evil Plotting Diabolical Cohorts & They Don't Care Who They Hurt & Kill To Get There

It's worse than 🀑🌍

It's πŸ–•πŸŒ


I just saw someone had this in their Twitter bio:

Pronouns: Ultra/MAGA


Fox News Is Headed For Disaster
Dinesh D'Souza just exposed the treachery of the corporate media "conservatives"

Emerald Robinson
just now

Fox News has been on a collision course with its own audience since the stolen 2020 election β€” and you can almost feel the impact coming.

Just a thought:

If Kathy Barnette wins the Republican primary against Dr Oz, it will show the world that a conservative woman with African American ancestry can succeed in the MAGA/Republican world, entirely on her own merits and wits and against the endorsement of a celebrity candidate by the most powerful man in the Party.

What a DELICIOUS counterpoint that would be to the diversity hire for SCOTUS that was foisted upon us by POTATUS!

What an incredible way to show that MAGA is FREE!!!

I've worked 4 elections now. Saturday was the first time I had mail-in ballots being cancelled in favor of in-person voting. They missed the mail-in deadline, and had to bring in the ballots for surrender for their votes to count.

@Wizski Pathetic! And we have to sign for Sudafed that works.

In case you missed it, gasoline prices are about to set new record highs again, just in time for summer driving season.

Remember: None of this is coincidence, none of it is happening organically. These high energy prices are an integral part of the Green New Deal plan.

The only solution is to STOP. VOTING. FOR. DEMOCRATS.

Stop it. Right now. Because a vote for a Democrat -ANY Democrat- is a vote for this country’s economic destruction.


That is all.

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