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Salty Texan
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β€œF Joe Biden” is now the universal recognition that things are seriously wrong in our country. You may say it for any occasion. You’re walking your dog. As someone passes by walking theirs you say it. He repeats the same to you. You’ve had a moment. You both know it’s true.

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I'm finding current events so disgusting, demoralizing, dishonest, and demeaning, that's it is hard to find words, but I try. Maybe if I just go outside and scream "FUCK BIDEN" at the top of my lungs, I'll feel better.......
at least for a few minutes.

We need immediate relief from the ineptitude in control. I find myself gaming situations where foreign influence shakes the U.S. awake, but who?

Is it going to take some massive terrorist strike to fix the malaise?

Probably, but hope not.

Mossad chief David Barnea says a bad nuclear deal between world powers and is β€œintolerable” for Israel, and vows that Iran will never have nuclear weapons.

And the GOP is behind this guy? I don't think so... glad he showed his cards early though....bye bye, adios is right... like Mimi said.

@Wizski yes. I know lots of gun owners and only one that I think would give it up, he is severely testicularly challenged.

Jack Posobiec ✝️
WATCH: Dr Oz says we should have Red Flag Laws that take people’s guns away by surveilling their social media posts

...with respect to Russia.

It is starting to look line Biden's betrayal of the USA energy sector with the death of the Keystone pipeline and the approval of Nord Stream 2 is being reversed. These are certainly early indicators, but they are by no means obscure.

If we are to have a Merry Christmas, a bunch of stuff dome by Bad Santa has to be undone.

And it is looking like that is happening more each and every day.



We caught them all.


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Poll Shows Democrats Are Terrified of the Omicron Variant – Republicans Can Not Care Less

A majority of Republicans (59%) say they are not very concerned or not concerned at all, compared to 14% of Democrats.

These results are shameful for Democrats. Take note because this is what Democrats and RINOs want for America – a country of sheep.

I am taking Ivermectin recreationally. Yesterday was my first dose.

I feel great and haven't been sick for years. But I have been going through a lazy spell for a few weeks with no working out.

This morning and afternoon, I worked out just because I felt like it. Had great elimination and lost 2 pounds from Thanksgiving. Solved a coding issue that dogged me for 10 days.

1st dose of 5.

I will update on what happens after the full 5 day course. I think it will be interesting.



Is Baldwin going to try to assert that he was handed a loaded and COCKED single action revolver?

Good luck with that.

Baldwin is desperate.

He is trying to try the case in friendly media outlets because he knows he is screwed every which way from Sunday in court.

...should not be given access to weapons (of any sort).

Baldwin is the perfect argument for bringing back firearms training in schools. Maybe if he had learned to shoot safely with a .22 on a school range under the supervision of a retired police officer or gunnery sergeant, not only would he not have killed that poor woman, perhaps he would not have become the leftist dickhead that he as been his entire adult life.


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