Some experts say losing 3% of this workforce would entirely cripple the US supply chain. This mandate could result in the loss of 37%. We call that "the end of America as we know it".

Law Enforcement Today (
Truckers sue Biden over "mandate", warn it would cripple supply chain,' say US could lose 37% of truckers
“This is a case about American businesses that do not want to face the immediate and irreparable harm of losing employees, incurring

@SleebyElf @Wizski If trucking firms lay all these workers off, hire a fraction of new people who suck at driving, and then declare bankruptcy ... how long until you see the government nationalize good transportation in order to bail it out (2008 style) and then force those on unemployment to take these jobs... we're headed towards communism.


These companies will have to grow some balls and start ignoring this government and their theoretical “laws” just like Biden ignored SCOTUS ruling that illegals should remain in Mexico

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