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Senate Sergeant at Arms in charge of securing Capitol dies suddenly

FLASHBACK: As TGP Reported on Jan. 5, 2021 - Hunter Biden's Relationship with Chinese Company CECF Involved Joe Biden and a Chinese Honeypot

"I Am Really Disappointed in FOX, I Thought You Were Better Than CNN!" - BOOM! Kari Lake INCINERATES Bret Baier and FOX News for Pushing FAKE STORY on AZ Drag Queen (VIDEO)

They got me cleaning out this old thing, hasn’t been touched in at least a year. I’m hearing talk of fajitas.

This is as it should be.

Trannies competing as trannies against other trannies in an adult setting.

Happy to live and let live with that.

Hey, @nchia

Does this mean what it looks like?

FA is the second busiest instance?

Is that possible?

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