Asking for prayers. Just tested positive. Doc is calling in ivermectin and an infusion is scheduled.

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Musings from MusicandFiction:

I've had to mute a couple people on FA recently, only temporarily. The issue is the increased amount of doompilling from people, putting forth all sorts of scenarios about what's to come.

Folks, let's put it simple: We don't know what's coming. We don't know if the collapse they're trying to push is going to succeed. We just don't have any idea.

We can be prepared as much as possible, yet still get it wrong.

Be prepared, but don't try to panic others. Please.

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@Davez_Not_Here @Phil Indeed- we have to love the sinner and reject the sin. But because a person who doesn't know Christ doesn't understand how to separate who they are from what they do, they will take our rejection of their sin personally, as a rejection of THEM. MY identity is firmly rooted in Christ- my value is assigned by the price He paid. No matter what I do, I am "wholly and dearly loved", even when I'm being disciplined. That's hard to get if your perspective is worldly.

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Just saw a lady putting back toilet paper and holding a baby carrier. Paying with spare change. I just grabbed a bigger packet of toilet paper and guessed her babies nappy size and grabbed a packet of them and handed them to her at her car. She almost cried on the spot, so I hugged her and told her that someone gives a shit when someone else isn't doing it so well. Pay it forward, when you can and it will reward you, I said. She was so thankful. What she doesn't realise, I slipped a $50 note into the side of her handbag as I hugged her.

I gestured to check the contents once home and gave a wink.

She was waving so big, and smiling tears, I was chuffed.
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I’m watching and listening to the P-8 out of NAS JAX make practice RNAV approaches to Myrtle Beach. A flight of 3/T-38’s came in and landed.
Made me realize how much I miss doing that job. Oh well, getting old is a bitch🤷‍♂️🥴

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The reason I bring up the Debt is b/c it is the sole reason what we are witnessing the past 12 years, especially the last 5 and now with Covid. Trump knew it too, still knows it and he had a plan to tell the world.

It is why you hear the term Great Reset. They are buying more time with the Fake Covid BS and stealing the election from Trump. They figure if they can control people in the US and the world, they can somehow stave off the inevitable, the sheep coming for them.

Follow the $$$

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“Bread obtained by falsehood is sweet to a man, but afterwards his mouth will be filled with gravel.”

Proverbs 20:17

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We just had friends visit from out of state, democrat friends from a blue state. The last time we spoke to them about politics was years ago. They didnt like Trump back then but now they are solid Trump supporters. Its always great to hear about it happening but witnessing friends and family coming around is really exciting. 🙂

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Thoughts from MusicAndFiction:

I feel like FA is an absolute wonderful place for information.

However, we really need to start using our discernment and BS detectors on some of the stories out there.

Information overload is something that's real, and that people really need to be careful about. Too much information, or too much DISinformation being spread around becomes problematic.

When you read something, check your gut. Something that's put forth may not pass the smell test.

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All those Fake News media reporters who jet around the country on the corporate dime getting the major stories of their time wrong, flying first class, staying in the best hotels, all so they can write fake news that hides from their audience what's really going on.

And some fat guy throwing newspapers for a living in South Texas was all over Spygate from the start back in 2017.

And he has the BOOK TO PROVE IT.

Have you bought your copy yet? 😀

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@Zelmo38 Yes this. Don't give up. It made me think of my first professional job. The president of the company had what he called his rule of 7. "People need to hear something seven different times on seven different days, in seven different ways before it finally sinks in.

Hagerstown is a smaller town about an hour from DC and Baltimore. Direct flights from Laredo, Texas?

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❤️ 🙏 🕯️

Good morning Friends.

I hope you have a blessed day today.


Fear is a natural human response to danger but our enemy has weaponized fear... through psychological methods & it doesn't seem like they are giving up too soon.

Fear is the mind killer.
Fear is the weaponized pathogen.

We are learning. We are becoming immune to synthetic fear... soon we will reach herd immunity.

Let's always remember who we are... we are strong & free... we are God's Perfect Creation. Bless...

I am finally getting through to relatives. They are waking up. Never thought it could happen. Keep at it everyone. If I can do it, anyone can 😊.

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