I think that was a one off event in the minds of most Christians!

@33ARSH watching folks fall into the left vs right dog-n-pony show exactly like the powers that be want you to is what's really hilarious

@33ARSH it's majority of the country that wants it legalized and it still is, it's happening everyday including right now everywhere

@ZeroSum00 They also believe
that sorcery, or witchcraft existed a few thousand years ago because "God allowed it to happen" but now is conveniently no longer the case as soon as recorded history started. Witchcraft did exist, but I'm referring to it in the context of magic; conjuring things from thin air/special powers. Also they think that Earth is only a few thousand years old, probably.

@Flatulenator compared to today things were pretty wild back then, the imaginations were just as vivid as today but they didn't have tech & other modern advancements to realize or even explain many natural phenomena

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