I posted a number of times earlier about events that I perceived as being consistent with what The Hermit described as the Third Revolution in Military Affairs (3RMA).

One idea that has been associated with 3RMA doctrine is the increased use of relatively autonomous special operator units.

These units, as The Hermit described (to my recollection), would consist of something like platoon-sized units with it's own complete set of military resources.



The newest Ken Barbie is pregnant. What??!!

I'm back! Hi certain individuals who monitor me but don't like me

Biden turned off domestic oil production for political reasons, and even while our nation faces extreme economic ramifications he doesn't care. None of these leftists give a damn!

Fact about Matthew McConaughey:

My great aunt taught him in high school when she was a teacher at Longview High School and McConaughey’s mother was a teacher there as well. My great aunt’s son also had a few classes with him.

It would be a fun fact, but it isn’t anymore after he started advocating for red flag laws today.

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I just read the comments under his first post. He's going to have to change his diaper after reading them, because I'm sure he's going to crap his pants.

Remind me not to make enemies with any of FA'ers. 😂

That's right, they let me on Truth...

These fitness trackers are racist! How dare they not have my preferred gender! 😡

What's going on with the Sussman trial? Why am I not hearing anything about it?

There's simply no question that the Constitution does not enshrine some invisible "right" to abortion. The only real question is whether the Constitution prohibits abortion or leaves the matter up to legislators & states. Strong case that it prohibits it:

Hey NC- We MUST get people to the polls to vote for conservative judges-voting was dead up until today- liberal voters showed up in droves to vote for the liberal judges due to the abortion turnover leak.

Sure looking like the CDC and FDA suspended all rules and buried all negative data on behalf of Pfizer.
Now you know why they wanted 75 yrs to release the data.

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