@MV2019 I heard YouTube froze him out. So, I'm waiting for the massive investment he promised in QVTV. Aren't you?

Why would YouTube time out a company man with a boring show?


My working theory (@radicalcapitalist) is that he banned himself to test the Streisand effect.


He's focused on getting a truly global rollout. He's adamant that the Sandwich islands need access. More importantly, the large conservative population on Tristan da Cunha have demanded an SLA that requires he invest $50k a month.

I'm sure he's busy with that

@CONSERVATARIAN @agitatedman @nchia
isn't it free on odessey for him to steam, they pay him in crypto credits. called Lbry, library

@DrFell @CONSERVATARIAN @nchia Did Lbry rebrand to odysee? Anyway, the crypto thing is hilarious. Everything he touches tanks


I don't joke about Tristan da Cunha, but I DO joke about Lord Malbec.

I cherish the postmarks

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