I'm back! Hi certain individuals who monitor me but don't like me

@Phil @AnotherStag @agitatedman @Andre Are you ok with your wife cuddling another man?( I don't know why I'm asking this- I know the answer will be off the wall!)🤣

@pamby1 @AnotherStag @agitatedman @Andre they are quite obviously not confident in the sexual orientation of their men.

@Andre @Phil @AnotherStag @agitatedman 🤣🤣🤣🤣 My guess is she wouldn't even think of it! I mean, why would she when she's got you, Andre?!?😍😁

@StephanieAnneLR @AnotherStag @agitatedman @Andre I cuddle with my kids and the dogs, even the damn cat. So far it doesn't seem to bother my wife.

@Andre @StephanieAnneLR @AnotherStag @agitatedman no babies. Don't tell anybody cuz it will ruin my hard ass reputation but I love to hold and snuggle with babies.


There's nuthin like the smell of a fresh, clean babies head. You can almost drink it in. I can smell it right now if is close my eyes.

@Andre @StephanieAnneLR @AnotherStag @agitatedman

@Andre @SkatyG @StephanieAnneLR @AnotherStag @agitatedman ain't it the truth they turn into a giant smelling fungus, otherwise known as a teenager.

@Andre @Phil @SkatyG @StephanieAnneLR @AnotherStag @agitatedman It'll be 41 years ago in July since my last little one was a baby. She was born on our 10th wedding anniversary.

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