This poll demonstrates that confirmation bias exists on both sides of the political spectrum.

The good news is there's money to be made from it. Actually, that's bad news

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I hung out with Serena and Venus at a baggage claim at West Palm 12 or 13 years ago. They may be tall and large, but they are definitely women

@icare4america I read the article by American Thinker today which was click bait"y" but ended up agreeing she was a woman who had simply made an error on a voter registration card.

At no time did the article explain the problem between her legs.

@pj @Wzagorski89 it's pretty said that edits to timestamps arent audited automatically. Oh well. Amateurs

@shecky2000 for whats its worth I avoid smart crap whenever possible. Why do I need a fridge or a washer that connects to the internet? Or a thermostat. Its just asking for intrusion and trouble. I also keep my electronics disconnected except when actually using them. Don't make it any easier for the aliens than you have to. Also get some faraday cages.

If you feel obliged or called to donate toward thee inevitable future need for appellate counsel because – I promise you – the government is not going to simply roll over and accept a ruling – any ruling – that goes in our favors lease do so. We are trying to stockpile funds to cover these expenses… and they will be lengthy.

You are the best community. I love you all.
Subject: “Military Vax law suit”
PayPal: @DaleSaran
Venmo: @dalesaranESQ

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Many of you have asked what is happening in regards to my husband status and (now 750) other Naval Aviators. (This is overwhelmingly USMC). This was filed on 7/1. Read the PI motion in its entirety- it’s is lengthy, but the work of a master- Dale Saran.

The government’s Response to the PI Motion is due on July 15. We then get a week for the Reply (to their Response), due on July 22, and they get the final word with what’s called a Sur-Reply on July 29.

@watson "When I use quotes it's for emphasis, but when you use quotes you must be accurate"

@watson I don't watch network television so I had no idea they were presenting the shows I don't watch. What a lame attempt. Unfortunately, I'm sure my mother watched it but she doesn't need convincing


I posted a number of times earlier about events that I perceived as being consistent with what The Hermit described as the Third Revolution in Military Affairs (3RMA).

One idea that has been associated with 3RMA doctrine is the increased use of relatively autonomous special operator units.

These units, as The Hermit described (to my recollection), would consist of something like platoon-sized units with it's own complete set of military resources.



The newest Ken Barbie is pregnant. What??!!


I'm back! Hi certain individuals who monitor me but don't like me

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