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The Head Pig was taken down over at YouTube He had to scramble to go on Odyssey last night. He is now Begging for Credits/$$$ on

His QVTV that he said costs $5000 a month, is still a disaster, not up or running. No one Donated is why. So he says on the Free platforms.

He Also said Fuck Rumble too..
Rumble does not want him.

Sad to see TW grovel to 10-15

A majority of Americans not only oppose illegal migration but think the Biden administration has flung open the southern border on purpose, a @Rasmussen_Poll will say later this morning. You don’t need to be Sherlock to figure this is a voter replenishment/cheap labor project

As one of our own members likes to say...

Reacting vs Understanding.

Especially when it comes to certain inflammatory stories.

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