Merrick Garland is an empty suit, a hollowed out shell of a human in an old ladies face.
Not one oz. of fiber, a pathetic weasel reading his speeches like the dementia ridden numbskull.
Written for him by the same evil force behind all criminal activity thrusted upon decent Americans of this nation.
We are so fortunate he wasn't confirmed as SCOTUS.
He pretends to be bold unworried about optics or slander, one trait I had wish Barr or Sessions had, They were concerned when our enemy wasn't.

@aquanaut642 I'm waiting for a body language expert analysis of pathetic merrick lie whine fest! To me he appeared to be nervous as hell and even looked like he could break out into tears at some points! His arm was obviously twisted to come out and do this ridiculous announcement! It's all so unbelievable!

I'm so proud of our country and I'm so ashamed of our govt!

Still getting conflicting stories on the security camera status. Odd...

I sure do wish there was a way to cut the last 10 seconds off of any FOX Youtube video. No one wants to see that doofus Hannity.😎

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So the whole story that only Wray approved The Raid was cut from whole cloth.

Garland comes out today and exposes that lie. I wonder why?

Garland comes out and reads his statement from a teleprompter. Why not just issue it via the press office?

I noticed that Garland also specifically addressed all of Eric Trump's criticisms of The Raid regarding receipts and providing the warrant. Like the video discusses.

So we are going to spend 1.3 Million dollars of taxpayer money for nothing. No value added. Just feel good virtue signaling for no good reason.

Here is an idea...

Lets change the name of Fort Polk to Fort Polk after the 11th President James K. Polk.

We already had a Submarine named after him.

Name a ship after the Medal of Honor recipient Johnson. A much better tribute in MHO.


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The 2021 the National Defense Authorization Act required the DOD to create a commission to rename all Confederate “items”. Ships, Posts, Streets, etc. by 2023

One of these posts, Fort Polk in Louisiana, is named after " Leonidas Polk, a confederate general and slave-owning bishop".

The local tv news is reporting that the DOD has recommended changing the name to Fort Johnson, which will cost 1.3 Million dollars of the total 21 Million project cost.

In Joseph of the book of Genesis, I realized that the landowners had tremendous power over Pharaoh right up until the rain disappeared for 7 years.

Something so fundamental and simple that was removed took all their power away and made them servants of Pharaoh.

It's funny how something so simple and overlooked can change so many things.

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@aquanaut642 @GetsGreased

Oh, Epstein is one of several linchpins I believe. He got back stage passes to freedom and continuation of business as usual by those in high positions with all the hands on the levers of law and order in the days long ago.

I believe all that is coming home to roost.

@aquanaut642 @GetsGreased

Yes, I saw that. It's CRAZY how you can never swing a stick in this realm of swamp creatures and NOT hit someone who is connected in some form or fashion on any given situation/case. Whether it be with their genitalia, money, business deals, foundations, legal services, ...etc.

One Big Sick Club. The swamp is incestuous.

I know this may sound like grasping for straws but, what if, this whole IRS 87,000 agents thing is not what it seems?

A quick search of the webs turned up this statistic from 3/21. The site is suspect but it is quoting a Govt. source. reports 234,420 sealed indictments across the country. (couldn't find anything more recent) Seems like a lot of arrests are going to have to be made.

For what it is worth, this is how they got Al Capone - Tax Evasion!

When I heard the news of the raid on Trump, I didn't get angry or scared.

I'm just tired.

Emotionally burned out on all this BS.

I'm like the guy in the foxhole who stops flinching from the bombs going off outside.

I just want to be able to get OUT of the damn FOXHOLE.

We are in the days now where as a people we must breathe life into the old ethics of that generation of people and become doers and givers. Especially with our actions. Almost in a way becoming martyrs for a better America and American culture. Just minus the old army stories 😉

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Polly talked about 4 on July 31. Now 14?? Wow!

The rest of her video is interesting, too.

Behold we will own nothing and be happy.
And we will lavish huge sums of money on our invisible lords and masters (oh hang on, or are they the “invisible enemy”?).

How Australia will cope WITHOUT petrol or diesel cars

They have always ended up losing because they have unquestioningly accepted a set of rules provided by the other team and they have played by rules that made true victory impossible. BUT THINGS HAVE CLEARLY CHANGED!

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I watched just a few clips from CPAC speeches and it was like I had entered a fantasy land. Kari Lake was telling the fake news to "Bring it On!", every speech was bold and in your face unabashed.

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