I have written before about the few premises that drive my my conjecture, my spitballing.

I try to have as few basic assumptions as possible as the foundation of my thinking.

My primary presumptions that are the foundation of most of what I have written here are two:

1. Trump and some segment of military intelligence (which could extend internationally) were aware of determinative foreign interference in the '20 election (an Act of War). My primary sources for this are well...

...documented comments from Gen Flynn and Trump's recent 'signals from the sky' comment.

2. Trump is the kind of guy who took his oath to preserve the Constitution very seriously. He was thus compelled to act to respond with CONFIDENCE to this Act of War.

I am also informed by some of the Hermit's guidance regarding reform in KSA and GCC. He suggested we watch for integration with Israel and for the emergence of the Third Revolution In Military Affairs 3RMA.

So I do that.

I use these tools, and hopefully some good reason and an acknowledgement of my confirmation bias, to try to express some understanding of current events and make some predictions about the future so I may test my world view for any resemblance to reality. Stating them here lets you give me feedback too!

We have all been thinking about covid, the jabs, the various motivations and imperatives associated therewith, etc.

What I can tell you is that it is clearly all an atrocious fustercluck.

But as far as being able to tell you what is really going on, what the balance of power and greed in the narrative really is, etc., I am not a very helpful person from which to get an opinion.

I hope to improve that a bit over time.

In order to tackle such a HUGE and fast moving subject, I need one or two ore tools to use to narrow things down a bit. I need further assumption.

I propose an assumption regarding the purpose and development of the jabs and how that all played out.

I think that we must look carefully at a few things. We must look at Trump, at Warp Speed, and the jab rollout.

First, Trump has never resiled from his position that the jabs (as originally intended) were good things and that Warp Speed saved lives. He's deplored mandates, etc.

If Trump is actually the guy that I think he is, then a statement about a hugely important and painful issue like this would not be made and repeated unless it was fundamentally, intrinsically true.

Trump KNOWS that his positions and rhetoric today will be measured by posterity.

The covid stuff is not the Manhattan Project. It is not devolution (or whatever). It is not a technical military technology that must be protected from the enemy.

Trump can afford to take a public position on this matter that will ring true with future students and historians.

So many of us have struggled with Trump's position as it appears so inconsistent or even callous given what is happening.

Can he not see the injury?

Well, I know he does. He's not stupid. Members of his inner circle are anti jab.

I think that coming out as overtly anti-jab and as a tinfoil hat wearing covid conspiracy theorist is not advantageous at the moment. I suspect Trump may agree with me.

So let us allow the record to speak for itself and not ask Trump to read off some cue cards for us right at the present moment.

Firstly, let me be clear that I believe that the overwhelming majority of the...

...damage caused by the jabs emerged from mandates, lockdowns, etc., policies Trump always condemned.

But let us look at the part that bothers us the most, the jabs themselves.

How could Trump support these terrible things at all?

This brings us to the new assumption that I propose to introduce into my thinking.

I think it is safe to say that the covid event was planned for quite a while and well before Trump took office.

Thus Trump took office with an enemy attack planned and in play...

...the moment he came to office.

I am not going to dwell on it here, but I am utterly skeptical about the disease origin narrative and I am skeptical about the public version of the nature of the disease itself.

I have confidence in Dr Zelenko and believe that he and his colleagues were confronted with a novel presentation of signs and symptoms in seriously ill patients. I note that seasonal illnesses tend to present with an evolving array of characteristics on an annual basis...

...but this time around this seemingly normal variability in the seasonal 'flu' was woven into a narrative of panic and doom.

It appears the purpose of this media driven panic was to allow Pharma to release and inflict the mRNA injections with resultant profit for very many people worldwide (which I suggested above was in motion before Trump was elected).

So what happened?

I do not know when Trump became aware of the planned enemy attack.

Was it really when he duelled Pelosi in the... and closed the borders?

Or was that all for show?

Was the Chyna virus really the thing?

I don't know.

What I do know was that when the story broke, Trump was pretty quick to announce operation Warp Speed.

Operation Warp Speed (OWS) seems to have done one thing for sure. It seems to have accelerated the launch of the mRNA jabs.

If Trump came to office with this plan already in motion, already coming, already INEVITABLE, what would he seek to do?

I think that the best he found that he could do was to disrupt the timing of the deployment of the mRNA injections (which I will propose to more precisely define in a moment).

Look at what actually happened!

OWS gets announced. Rushed trials ensue. All the animals died. Too many people got sick. The material in the jab left the injection site, accumulated in bodily tissue, and persist for a much longer time than first stated.

The benefits are overstated and there is NO age group...

...for which there is a genuine benefit. Injuries, including reproductive, are obvious. Death too!

Notwithstanding all of this, the religion of "Safe And Effective" was strictly enforced.

It was all railroaded through the FDA and into the arms of hundreds of millions.

The scam at the FDA, fuelled by CDC hysteria was a critical part of the scam, but look at the scientific work that was done too.

There is literally no data that suggests the jabs are anything other than poison. ALL that they...

...proved was that these things caused injury and death.

They barely had time to whip up some utterly fake stuff to ram down the throats of their obedient, revolving door regulators at FDA.



Then we must look at how there were used.


These jabs were developed and deployed as WEAPONS.

Warp Speed denied the enemy the ability to deploy the jabs with sufficient preparation and cover.

Remember that it is likely that the enemy planned to use ALL of Hillary's terms to roll out the jabs. They were going to break us and then jab us after YEARS, almost a decade more, of suffering.

They were going to have PLENTY of time to craft cover for their new poison.

LOTS of time to fake data, etc.

They got NONE of that.

So they tried to hide it for a couple of generations. Nope. Trump judge says release it all. Before midterms!

So I think it is safe to presume that the jabs are entirely and completely to be understood as weapons having no therapeutic intent or benefit.

I think that Trump saw early data that suggested the elderly may have some signal of benefit and minimal signal of harm. Seniors are also represent a lesser loss of lifespan (to put it brutally).

So, if he could not avoid the deployment of these weapons (and that is a corollary to my primary assertion that the jabs are entirely and simply...

..weapons that were long planned to be inflicted upon us) if he could not without destroying the Union prevent the attack, he had to disrupt it.

And he did.

Operation Warp Speed.

It drove the enemy out into the open in less than a year after Biden took office.

Trump's policy limited the deployment of the weapon very narrowly. Then Biden took office and inflicted it generally.

At great cost in suffering and lives.

But virtually instantly, once Biden implemented mandate policy, the howls of protest and the ever-growing number of ethical doctors and scientists protested mightily.

The enemy used its resources at a great cost to us all.

But we began to fight back from Day One and e gain strength daily.



Citizen soldiers, just like in the War of Independence.

I truly believe that Trump could not totally avert the mRNA attack.

So he accelerated...

...everything and drove awareness of the weapon FORCIBLY into public consciousness as fast as possible.

For goodness sake, Gen Flynn has been anti jab from Day One. Trump still associated with him. How much more do you need?

I believe we will soon come to a wider understanding of the mRNA weapons.I believe we will gain a better understanding of the plan of attack and Trump's response to it.

And I believe History will view with favour the way that Trump has acted and spoken throughout.

It was a WEAPON.

It was already in flight towards us.

Warp Speed kept mRNA weapons from being a cultural kill shot.

I feel that this view has the fewest contradictions for me at the moment.

I look forward to feedback!


We caught them all.



Oh and here it comes Andre! The feedback that is. 😆

I had a toot loaded up and ready to fire about halfway back, but thought better - didn't want to break your train of thought or thread.

First off I agree with everything you tooted. Trump was caught looking for an out. And much like in the Hunt for Red Oct. he turned into the Torpedo.


I am going to come at this from a position that there are too many people operating in the good for this to be the weapon that the enemy could make work.

I don't think that you could convince tens of thousands of people in Government and the Pharma/Medical to conduct mass genocide on the World's population.

So how does the enemy go about perpetuating the crime?


Conflicting Rumors

Some say that these particular mRNA vaccines were patented as early as 2015. Also, information that development of this technology was marred by failure after failure in animal testing. The drug companies were searching for the "Holy Grail" of medical science and they found it in mRNA tech.

What if mRNA tech works?

Oh I know that goes against everything we've been saying on our side for the last 18 months. But hold on...


In the outer fringes of the conspiracy theorist's realms, there has been talk that the Treatment was created along with the disease. If the DOD was funding the creation of these Weapons, it makes sense that they would also create the necessary counter measures to keep control over the genie being released.

What if Trump knew about the Weapon and their plans, AND THE CURE?

What it he authorized OWS on this information.


Trump has always been positive about the "Vaccine"

Now to that end. The vaccines rolled out to the public and the military may have been this proper treatment.

Thus the PSAs and Pharmacy commercials on the TV spouting the Shot as "Safe and Effective" may not be far from the truth.

But this is where it gets Hairy for the Good Guys...


But, one more thing before I get to the bad guy stuff (I'm tooting this on the fly)

So in my scenario, the mRNA "Vaccine" provided to the FDA for approval and what the CDC is basing their recommendations on is the proper treatment. That the vast majority of the folks that work at these facilities are NOT compromised and truly believe that are working for the common good.


Now, I hope many of our folks here have seen the movie "The Bourne Legacy".

In the movie, Jeremy Renner character is a CIA created all purpose assassin that is marked for disposal after the program is shutdown. He has a chemical dependency that he is being shut off from.

As part of the plot, he has to travel to the Philippines to access the Pharma factory where the chemical are made. Of course the factory is run by the CIA.

Why do I bring this up?


I think that Pfizer and Moderna are Compromised at the top levels. Just like the CDC, WHO, and especially the NIH are comp'ed at the top.

What I believe, and I stress, what I believe, is that as a counter to operation WS, that these companies have taken steps to adulterate the Tech that works. By tainting random batches of the mRNA treatment, they have sown seeds of doubt in the tech, progressed a eugenics plan, and hurt Trump all at the same time.

What do I base this on?


The Lot number issue. The regional aspect of where the "Vaccine" injuries are occurring.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying the original mRNA Vaccine was not without Risk. Everything has risk. 100% testing is not possible at any level.

The question is Is the Risk Acceptable.


The one thing that has bothered me the most is the Wild Push to Vaccinate the Military.

If what we believe about the treatment is true.

This is National Suicide! This would not end well and it would happen quickly. Now the military has reported a small number of adverse reactions but are they really out of the normal for an adequate risk assessment?


No, I believe that there are Good People in the military that know what is going on and do see this as a national threat and that the treatment is not only valid but necessary.

That their source of the Treatment is not from the comp'ed sources (P and M).

So why "The Bourne Legacy"?

It is not a stretch to believe that black hat control is part of the manufacturing process.


But I also believe that White Hat countermeasures are in place and active.

There is so much of this war hidden! Hidden by design and necessity. Talk about open revolt.

There wouldn't be a building left standing in Wash. DC if the people knew that the whole government is in on it.

This fact alone is putting a check on the Black Hat operation IMO.

Limiting the reach of nobility over the commoners.


The evil nobility BTW.

While I acknowledge the report of anomalous blood clotting in post death examinations. Also, the macroscopic details in the actuary data showing an overall increase in death rates for prime age people, the data is murky enough that there may be other reasons for the spikes.

Sadly, these are the casualties in this new, previously unseen type of warfare.


We may never know the real story in time to stop anything. But I have to believe that there is nothing happening beyond what is absolutely the minimum necessary.

I have faith in God. I have faith in Good's triumph over evil. I have faith that Trump and the White Hats have our best interest at heart.

Now, with that all said. There is no way, no how, and no never, that I personally will take the risk by taking the Jab. My faith also tells me that there is no need!


@aquanaut642 @Andre
Exceptional threads gentlemen.
Opening up fresh avenues of thought.
I like your thread Andre - Trump taking steps to mitigate the damage. More in line with the fallible and limited nature of humans. You may be spot on!
I like your thread Scotty - It’s an innovative new perspective. In line with the “moves and countermoves” principle and so chess-like. So many things we can see have connections to movies. Bourne is no exception.
Who was it who said “you are watching a movie”?

@johnglavine @Andre

Evening John (your time),

Dovetails into the theory that the Secret Societies have to tell you what is going on. That in their belief system, that so the "Karma" never falls back on them, they tell the victim. This is so the Bad that befall on them is their own fault.

They have used Popular Culture as the vehicle to condition the populous.

Have you ever wondered why every movie about the future is Apocalyptical and Dystopian?

Great observation. Conditioning the mind and “managing expectations”.
We are told it makes good drama and movies.
I suppose a Christian can swallow an apocalyptical ending of some sort given the Book of Revelation but the Book also makes it very clear how the “mischief” will be perpetrated.
Why am I thinking of virgins without oil for their lamps and Christ returning like a thief in the night?



@johnglavine @Andre

The parables...

It is so interesting that the disciples were confused by them. That the principle would elude them.

Also that the Bible doesn't make an attempt explain the principle to the reader either.

As I understand it, that the reader will "get it" on God's timing.

So interesting!

John, everyday more and more is being revealed. Just more evidence that this is in God's hands and on his timetable.

and I feel good about that!

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@aquanaut642 @johnglavine @Andre

Every parable is an explication of the Beatitudes (or the anti-beatitudes) and thus a facet of Christ's own personality (or that of his archenemies and archnemesis)...

@33ARSH @aquanaut642 @johnglavine

I'll agree that this is EXTERNALLY or perhaps superficially true.

I think Trump had the benefit of expert advice.

But Fauci is the public "expert" and used that power wildly.

@Andre @aquanaut642 @johnglavine

Trump didn't and doesn't want any Americans to die b/c of the Faucijab...

Trump didn't want any Americans to die from Crudvid19 or fentanyl or even the flu...

Trump wasn't (completely) blind to the machinations of China's CCP or their myriad allies...

@Andre @aquanaut642 @johnglavine

What I know:
Whatever it was "Covid-19" was a psy-op, a weapon to destabilize the U.S. and harness the CCP's power most especially over Hong Kong.

Whether it was engineered in Wuhan (or elsewhere) or not, the thing called Covid-19 was used as a biological weapon - regardless of its minute lethality - (firstly) by the CCP.

@Andre @aquanaut642 @johnglavine

Psychological warfare engaged in by enemies foreign and domestic through the use of a thing called Covid-19...

Want to end the terror? Want to end the fear? End the lockdowns?

Take the Fauxijab.

I don't call it the Trumpjab.

Trump, from my point of view, was blind-sided as we all were to a greater or lesser degree...

@33ARSH @johnglavine @Andre

It is the return to bible at my more advanced age that has me somewhat reeling.

The interconnections between different sections. The foretelling. The interpolation and analysis of Godly Men and Woman. Today we have the benefit of instant research with the internet. Dare I say this is a Godsend?

With new eyes I read...

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