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TS account cross reference:

Salsamanfit theghostofrodserling
LostInABlueState LostInABlueState
ar2020 DZ_015
LookingForGaltsGulch RDW_Jr
bbhack bbhack

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If you will put your TruthSocial handle in your Profile Metadata, I will collect these and post them frequently. This is done with a script.

This is what it looks like at the moment. I know Lost is a defunct account.

@bbhack bbhack
@LostInABlueState LostInABlueState

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Kamala Harris' limo should be a short yellow bus.

For a while I was analyzing COVID numbers - cases, hospitalizations, deaths.

Then the realization that the data was complete garbage. No amount of analysis can help make sense of it.

If you can't answer the qualifying question, your response will be filed appropriately.

"Have you voted in the last 3 elections", or some such.

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Every survey should have a qualifying question. About 25-30 percent of the population don't know anything.

He could come out and say such a thing, but that would be unprovable, and he's usually careful with language.

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I'm going to propose something that can never be proven from what I know. Trump and Trump admin would never have tolerated "shot" mandates at any level of Fed Gov, and would have fought at state and private level.

What countries that were once prosperous (not necessarily free - that's rare) are now shitholes?

I'll start with Venezuela.

The next question is can it be fixed?

iheart is playing games with their urls, and I can't figure it out yet.

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Post operative trannies snatches smell like butt. Or shit, to be more accurate.

If you are not grossed out, start at about 1:07:00.

Since energy cost is going nowhere but up, the only possible outcome is contraction. The energy cost trajectory will turn down when the contraction reduces demand.

The criminality of the current admin can only be wished away by admitting they are too stupid to run anything. The alternative is worse.

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When disruptions are long term - not short term - these essential strategies don't work.

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Without contracts and futures, no one could operate a big energy dependent business.

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Airlines, railroads, shipping and big trucking are using contract fuel that was bought in the past. They also use futures to hedge against short term disruptions and price increases.

Is it wrong to just give up on places such as SF? I mean, regardless of throwing out the DA Cheese Sausage, aren't they trying to commit suicide.

The same goes for all big cities in CA, and WA and OR.

And not just that, but all permanently disappeared content that was not illegal or obscene.

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