@biernutz_71 Another wonderful article. Love how you weave from seemingly disconnect topics to make a cohesive whole. Gonna quote you! :D

I think I can do a short LIVE stream this evening, like 6:30-7:30pm EST, around that time frame. I'd like to go over this news of election interference and the indictment, that thread from Dawson, etc. I will post a confirmation here before going LIVE.

"Rep. Lauren Boebert Goes Scorched Earth On Dems: “The Jihad Squad member from MN” and Rep. Eric Swalwell For “Sleeping with (Chinese Spy Fang-Fang) the enemy!”


She just took out their whole freaking double standards on the House Floor.

She called out Fartwell for banging a chinese spy!!


"Political blood everywhere, all over the place"

They do say you must cut the head of the snake.

She did more than that! 😀

@biernutz_71 You just did one of my favorite things: Using the world of FOOD to weave lessons into other topics. Absolutely blood brilliant!!!!!


Here is an update from me on this post/thread

Like I keep saying, I could be wrong or off target in my hypotheses regarding the PV raid, but sticking with them for now pending more information.


Excellent writing. Glad to see you publishing here.


My fully vaccinated father tested positive for Covid.

He feels fine and I told him he has all he needs to fight covid.

The fear is real, the cure is NOT.

He doesn't even resemble an injury lawyer. To think Obama wanted him as a scotus judge. He's posing, even though his son's CRT company grifting went un-noticed for a little while, the cat is out the bag. He should recuse himself and step down , their is no more room for morons at the top, we already have too many. It's like open house for Morons in government. Can we take on anymore? Levine proves that they will keep trying until somebody axes all of them.

The problem with doomers is, if they are right it doesnt matter anyway.

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