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I bought a house in East Knoxville, and have lived here since August. I bicycle all over town, on my Dost ebike, which makes the hills disappear, and there are lots of hills in east Tennessee. I'm loving it here.

Writing this on the M1 iMac I bought a few months back. Still an Apple weenie.

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A couple of essays I wrote about my political beliefs, before realizing that the world is anarchist by nature.

What I believe:
Racism Is A Right:

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So I got up early today to see if I could see Jupiter, Venus Mars and Saturn lined up in a row. Too cloudy. But I will keep trying. They will be in this position for a couple weeks!

Good morning! ☕️

From Robert W. Malone, MD:

An introduction and the text of a translation (from German) of an August 2021 lecture given by Ernst Wolff, which provides a theory of the World Economic Forum (WEF) plan for global dominance, predicting that they will, fortunately, fail. As with all such things, I have no idea of the truth of this, but it is an interesting, and horrifying theory.

URGENT BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer will have no immunity if fraud is proven. This is going to take down the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, many politicians careers, global governments will be shaken to the core. Not only will people sue, governments are going to

— Truth Justice (@LakovosJustice)

In case anyone is wondering, I never used Duckduckgo. It uses Bing as it's engine, which is why I never liked the result much. Startpage uses Google. Most alt web search sites simply search pre-existing engines (Google/Bing). I think Brave Engine is using its own engine, but it's still small b/c it's new. If you need Google but don't want to give them $ or info, use Startpage. If you want a unique search use Brave.

“The Universe has moral gravity just like physical gravity. Philosophize all you want, but when you jump out the window trying to fly, gravity is going to get you. The Resetters will lose, because they are trying to violate the Universe’s moral gravity. They may have a season. But they’re breaking natural law, and the Universe has its own ways of dealing with that.

So be encouraged! We are in the midst of a great, generation-defining war. It’s our time.”


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Illusion Warfare Report: The Road to Ukraine.
"I am unable to find a hostel or hotel, full of refugees you ask?
No! All the hotels in this town are taken up by the press"
Lots of normal videos, some fake crisis stuff.
Manufactured fake and gay "news", we live in a sea of lies.
@ned @SpaceElf @becassine Maple sap flows during thaws. As long as it's freezing at night and thawing during the day, you can collect it. This happens in the early spring. My neighbor, in the woods, about 35 miles from Albany, New York, had rubber pipes running from the maple trees on his property and mine, leading to a big collector basin. He then boiled it down from the watery maple sap to syrup in his maple house, which he built next to his house. I always got a free bottle of maple syrup every year, to pay for the use of my trees.

My brother collects sap from his maple trees, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, using a jar on each tree, much as in the photo that began this thread. He does the initial boiling outside, then moves the not-quite-maple-syrup inside, to finish on his stove. His is a much smaller operation than my neighbor's.

This isn't going to go over well with people who got the jab

@wyliesau green is little more than moving the “smokestack” to some other place you don’t see.

@leviathan @Data @spinneria @akeno Good thing anarchism already won, when God gave free will to Adam. Government? Bah, humbug!
@leviathan @spinneria @akeno @Data

"The universe isn't bad, for a high school science experiment. That Yahweh fellow shows real promise. I look forward to his work when he grows up." -- Bill St. Clair

Of course, the experiment is now gathering dust in his mother's attic. Haven't heard of any new creations by the kid.
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