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@AnotherStag TPTB want us over the edge, but it's not the time yet. We don't need martyrs, we need wwasting.

Work on getting your house in order and stock your pantry. Things can go third world in a hurry.

Be proficient with your arms or become so and plug as many gaps in your preps as you can because time is slipping away.

I should add...

They have been calling us terrorists for some years now...

But now... they are upping the ante...

Do you feel the frenzied desperation of these bad people?

I do.

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...FULL scope of CCP meddling (and perhaps also by others) in the election(s).

TtV has revealed the irrefutable theft of the election.

Job done and others are taking up the next phase, especially those Sheriffs.

Now we get to the reason why Trump and his team were forced to undertake some very radical steps (whatever those were), we get to an assertion and associated evidence of an Act of War.

Once that is established in the public mind, things are going to move faster.

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Why else would they need 87,000 new IRS employees while ordering another 750,000 rounds of ammunition on top of the millions of rounds already in their possession?

Read in its entirety:

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Whoa check this out: The IRS 2021 annual report shows heavily armed IRS agents training with firearms to shoot Americans on command. In these photos, we learn that IRS AGENTS ARE IMPERSONATING POLICE, having their shirts emblazoned with "POLICE - IRS-CI" even though the IRS has zero constitutional police powers and no authority whatsoever to run its own private armed police force.

Yet the IRS just recently purchased $700,000 in ammo, and now IRS job listings demand that new applicants be willing to KILL AMERICANS by shooting them with "deadly force."

These are federal terrorists impersonating police.

Democrats are loudly proclaiming the Mar-a-Lago raid pushed them over the edge. They're voting Red in November and for President Trump in 2024, come Hell, high water or the FBI.

My next door neighbor chased a large black bear off a couple of hours ago. I was on the porch when I heard yelling. Just another day in the woods. 🐻

"Americans in 2016 had a simple request: stop plundering our country and enforce the immigration laws. The regime answered by waging a soft coup which, lately, is looking more like a real coup. The political history of America over the past six years can be summed up as the struggle of a corrupt, self-serving political class to eliminate the democratic process and assert its will by fiat.



Side by sides are important.

The public are seeing the direct juxtaposition in how the establishment treated Trump, as opposed to Obama’s 30 million pages and Hillary’s 33,000 classified emails, bathroom servers, and bleach bit.

Not only are normies seeing the massive contrast between the two standards, this move by the DOJ/FBI paves the way to question past rulings due to the clear bias/weaponization.

All of Trump’s narratives are being confirmed in plain sight.


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💥 RSBN to exclusively livestream True the Vote's 'The Pit' which will reveal 'devastating' information about 2020

August 13, 12:00 EST 💥

“ In addition, Trump can properly frame this latest salvo against him as a continuation of dishonest schemes to undermine him and to marginalize the whole patriotic populist movement. This latest attack represents the next chapter of the reprehensible Russia Hoax saga, and it should be communicated powerfully as such.
Mr. President, the hour to start the renewal of our nation is now.Time to toe the line and fight back ferociously.Biden unwittingly creates an opening, and it is time to act.”


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Sitting here with listening to Devolution Power Hour and loading new Mags. Never enough.

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