A last-minute entry with 80-1 odds won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

Republicans in Pennsylvania should vote for Kathy Barnette in the Senate race despite the odds because she's got game and gumption. She is polling 1.3 points behind the Doctor of Oz

A reader wrote, "When Massie overcame Trump’s wrath in Eastern Kentucky by appealing to the Trump base, he returned with one of the strongest mandates as a winner in his own right in Congress and got a rare public mea culpa from Trump.

"If Barnette overcomes Trump’s support of Oz, she will have more influence with Trump if she gets elected as she will have done it the hard way. The Never Trump people will actually have an even weaker case if Trump endorsements only fail with candidates that truly weren’t Ultra MAGA enough. There is an underlying substance to what drives voters to Trump that is a rejection of the beltway.

The fact voters reject phonies who simply wear a MAGA hat as their only case for election should be weeded out."

Just a reminder: 41% of Republicans hate Oz.

Vote Barnette. Make America Great Again.


I’m praying Barnette wins in PA.

Have read many comments that Trump endorsed Oz bc he was the candidate that could win in the general election. What perplexes me is Pompeo’s endorsement of McCormick, supposed RINo yet super PAC backing McCormick blasted Oz for being the RINo, or have I completely misunderstood Pompeo? (have read several comments from people on Twitter anticipating Pompeo to run for President in ‘24.)

@Ashley @MMA
Kyle@JustHuman has a good take on it. Go for Barnette.

@MMA @Ashley
Morning! He was reading from a piece by music and fiction. political strategy by Trump to pull support away from McCormick and knowing Oz wasn't popular would pave the way for Barnette.

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