How “Conservative Thought Leaders” want to “take care of” Mar-Lago attacke:

How’s a Deep State and Illegal Regime keep 360,000,000 Americans in control?

Fuckin’ can’t, can they?

Now the whiners are crying about “threats to LEO after Mar-Lago raid.”.
Life’s a bitch, ain’a?

@dogon Seen the picture of Ellen wearing her Frazile drip shirt. I think it was down at the Vinyard.

The Mar-a-Lago raid “was intended to scare Americans and to intimidate people,” I believe the only thing it really accomplished was to “energize Trump’s base and the MAGA crowd.”

Would you negotiate with these people if they were terrorists? My “if” was rhetorical, of course these cocksuckers are terrorists. We just don’t notice them because they dress like us.

The those who are “counseling calm” might want to rethink their strategy. There’s a vast difference between panicked violence and steely determination. You want to advise people walk calmly into the ovens and not make waves? Fine for you.
You don’t think this moment was planned and salivated over for decades? The rattlesnake has warned for too long without heed. Now is the time for viper to strike the heel. This was going to happen, your response meant nothing.
Now is when it matters.

Of course you seek retribution but no so loudly they hear you coming from a mile away. Furtively, silently, deadly like a scorpion in the boot. Let them wonder. Be a trick of the mind. Whatever you do, become the thing they fear the most, death has come.

The secret is to take out the low-level and mid-level types so they’re not headline worthy but the suits pick up on something going on.

If there was anything POTUS Trump reinforced in my life mentality, never, EVER walk through life flaccidly.
Only one speed, BAWLS OUT!!!

The administration that just raided Trump's home for old nuclear information hired this to oversee current nuclear information.

Isn’t it ironic the raid on Mar-Lago when the former First Lady’s wardrobe was “tried on” fell on J. Edgar Hoover’s birthday.

Along the lines of continued M*A*S*H motifs, are the FBI the biggest gaggle of Colonel Flaggs walking the Earth or what?

A work in progress … J. Edgar, “The Musical” is now “Bureau: The Musical”

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