I wouldn't doubt it at all.
Cornfields are so very American...

Not really a Bannon fan but enjoying reading about the razor dildoing he’s giving to his opponents!

91 year old Former Pres Jimmy Carter gets an injection that cures his brain cancer
Fuckin’ remarkable when you’re special


Pretty much seems he doesn't mind who gets hurt or dies.

CWII is NOT the proper metaphor for America Today. We are living in Berlin America.

Ya know, weren’t there “3 Percenters” or “Sheep Dogs” or some fantasy group of LEOs that were supposed to protect John and Jane Q Public from a tyrannical or corrupt overreaching government.
That worked well.


That's how I feel. Just bring it on. I have nothing to look forward to in Covid America.

This is for Fraudci:

Thomas Dolby - HE Blinded Me With HIS Science, 1982:



"Shut up, you know nothing."



Any time SMB notices a member, and especially if a question gets asked, it is the warning bell signalling their imminent demise!

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