On this day in 1988, released the word-renowned concept album "Operation:Mindcrime". The music and lyrics are perfection, and the message is as applicable today (moreso, actually) than ever before. Celebrate the day by listening to the entire story. Here's a taste: youtu.be/vccWMFwuD0Y?t=64

Men are adult human males.

Women are adult human females.

It is optimal for a child to be raised by a mother and father.

If you are married, you shouldn't have sex with people other than your spouse.

This is what is considered 'controversial' in the West in 2022. 😐

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On this day in 2009, Queensryche released the album American Soldier. Here’s one of my favorite tracks from this compilation called “Home Again”. youtu.be/TUYvPNf6cvg

Lol looks like @SpencerJCox decided to remove the pronouns from his instagram bio after the backlash to his veto of the Utah women's sports bill twitter.com/njhochman/status/1

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I just listened to the latest episode of No Agenda, but am feeling fine. 😂

Listen to this clip for fun. podverse.fm/clip/2Hdbgr_xc

On this day in 1997, Queensryche released the album "Hear in the Now Frontier". It was a big departure from their heavy metal sound and got lost among the Nirvana and Pearl Jam hysteria of the day.

Nevertheless, there were some gems on the album, with timeless messages in the lyrics. Take a listen to "The Voice Inside" here:


I have removed Catherine Herridge from my RSS feeds. She is pushing 100% propaganda now at CBS. Sad.

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My new column for @bitcoinmagazine is live! If you enjoy some jokes and Bitcoin, please have a read. This week, I'm mocking NFT, Web3 and DeFi.


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