Sorry for Being Kevin: “Hey! The @mises Austrian came today!”“Ooooo! @BobMurphyEcon centerfold!”Oh 💔

The “vaccines” are so effective that you need a booster and so safe that the FDA won't approve the booster…

if you had to, want to or are forced to, which Vaccine would you want?

Getting ready to watch the latest propaganda travesty Comedy Central has to offer. It's called Tha God's Honest Truth staring Charlimaign tha God. It is being advertised with lines such as "The revolution will be televised.. and the lead-in is Chapell Show. The description is "Charlamaign Tha God considers what it will take to finally cleanse America of it's racist past for the sake of its future."

The only reason I'm watching this is to see the latest in up-to-date MKUltra programming. You can't resist what you don't know

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I believe what's happening in Afghanistan to be a 'Feigned Retreat'.

Milley is telling the MSM and Biden Admin what they want to hear while the military keeps killing bad guys. There are B-52s, F/A-18s, AC-130 Spectres and MQ-9 Reapers active over the country...

"When some are seen advancing and some retreating, it is a lure."
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

@MusicAndFiction asked me to go deeper, and I have.

It's gonna be a long thread.

@lain Are they going to legally require people to own phones? If I was in Adelaide, I would just literally sell any phones. In the 90s we'd just say, "Let's meet at x's house a y time" and then go to the restaurant/cinema/whatever. ... Let's just go back to that and removing the tracking device from our pockets.

January 7th, 2020 marks the day RUSH drummer Neil Peart died, ending my opp. to ever see them play again. I still mark that day as the beginning of this horrible 15 days to flatten the curve we've been in. Now Charlie Watts

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