Whole Kari Lake CNN interview is great. The last bit after the official interview is icing on the cake. Don’t skip ahead, it’s under 10 minutes.


Sorry no link... check it out: πŸ€”

I got samples of vedicinals #9 today.... They developed a product for blocking the spike protein binding and did a lot of clinical research.

They have done 400x+ binding simulations, a few hundred animal studies, shelf stability studies and phase 2B human studies. ...

They are sending free samples to long covid and vaccine damaged people ...
Contact the general manager Prakash @ +91 75674 99944

@cully45 @MMA @MadBeachBimbo

Crime Scene Vaccine: Nano Graphene Oxide in High Amounts Now Found in Moderna, Other Vaccines, also Sanofi Flu Vaccine, & Saline Solution Point to COVID-19 (& All Professed Variants) Being Graphene & 4G/5G Poisoning, Not a Virus everydayconcerned.net/2021/07/

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